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Monday, July 1, 2013

Red Champa Frangipani Flowering Plant Care and Tips Refreshing Nature Trails

Champa flowers are used in rituals and religious way in temple offerings to God. The champa flowers also have been famous as the girl in Hawaii adorned with a garland of frangipani or an hair piece decorated on the head. Hawaii is best connected with frangipani flowers garlands and hair decorations.Red champa flowers just as fragrant as yellow white champa and of utmost religious sanctity among Hindu religion and many other religions the Champa frangipani has always been considered an important plant to have in ones garden. Not only do the red blooms look great among the dark bright green foliage but they also smell great.
Close up of red champa frangipani flower
 Beautiful red flowers and a shade of off white cream centre, just like strawberry vanilla duet ice cream this flower looks very beautiful and also has strong fragrance that can be experienced from far away.
red champa flowers

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 Frangipani Champa plants have a lot of religious sanctity among many religions especially Hindus. It is believed that the champa plant due to its heavenly fragrance attracts snakes. Hence many people avoid growing this plant in the house garden.
Some also have this rural spiritual belief that this plant is inhabited  by nature spirits and fairies and hence young girls and married women must not sit or go near this champa plants.
The champa plant is always considered sacred and pooja is done  for blessings from mother nature. I love the champa plant  for its beautiful colors  my favorite is the yellow white champa flower as we had a  tree below our home  and childhood fantasies and memories are never forgotten, its fragrance  is more intense, heavenly, the dream of owning one led me to plant two plants of champa in our terrace garden.Usually most of the times they are loaded with healthy blooms.

 Usually champa trees grow huge and spread out with many branches and as we have two plants growing in containers they have given lots of healthy blooms in a few branches.
Caught this Champa tree in a private garden full in beauty of red.
close up of red champa plant buds
Champa plant gives out stems full of tiny buds that give many flowers together the bunch looks like a bouquet of flowers.
leaves of champa frangipani plant

overflowing dam water tourist attraction
 Visiting an overflowing dam and enjoying the natural shower in the rains is great for your body and soul.Natural habitat for ducks and rabbits who loved to play underground  digging as a past time and the white ducks gracefully enjoying near the pond, almost similar to nature. Ducks and ponds look very good as central piece in any garden  and making a natural habitat  for birds and animals is the closest now you can get to nature. Farmhouses with cute ducks in the pond adds up to the feng shui energy of your villa  home. Villas and row houses having natural surroundings takes you closest to nature only the rabbits love too dig and you see plenty of burrows in the ground, as also if you have  a vegetable garden they love to feast on carrots and fresh growth leaves, a private fence is essential when you have animals and birds in garden.
rabbits and ducks in garden

cute soft rabbits bunnies

huge red champa frangipani flowering plant

gushing water flowing

feeding rabbits

resting duck

big mushroom in garden

rabbits in cage

graceful beautiful white duck

white duck
Growing champa plant in container tips- select a bigger pot  , the champa frangipani plant is actually a tree and roots need space. Each stem branch produces blooms so it  also needs space on side of containers in garden.
The champa plant looks best when placed above eye level as the plant spreads many branches from a single potted branch.
huge tree path in jungle
 Nature trails are necessary for every gardener. It is the wild smell, the huge greens and the silence in nature speaking to you in its own language, brings out the artist inside.
water flowing tourist site
There are so many beautiful wild birds, flowers, trees with unique fruits   just can't post many pictures and as I have always mentioned photographs never do justice to the real.
Fish Tail Palm Huge Tree
Trimming the branches is necessary if you are growing this plant in a small garden but this champa can grow freely when planted in soil into a huge champa tree.
Feng shui of the garden improves a lot by fragrant flowering plants and red champa tree or plant though looks great and can take any place in your garden it is best grown in south of your garden to activate the fame and recognition area.
The stem of champa plant is mushy and has a high moisture content. requires less watering and care once the plant has rooted well. Champa can be grown from the cuttings easily.

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  1. red champa flowers are also fragrant and look too good with the shiny glossy petals, like silk!


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