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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Little Purple Flowers Space Cover Creeper Plant Growing beautiful Tiny Purple Flowers

Very small purple lilac flowers on creeper plant
 This unique plant growing as creeper from side ways spreading like wild   is a beautiful space cover plant with very tiny purple flowers. While I do not know the name of this plant it grows in a unique pattern. The leaves come over lapping from centre and then grow spirally. Looks very unique and beautiful  the fresh bright green colored  leaves.
Creeper growing in unique leaves
 I first noticed the beautiful tiny very small lilac colored flowers on the creeper. It is spreading fast and what a way to cover the pots with big plants with a space filler covering plant.
tiny purple lilac flowers
 Purple lilac colored tiny flowers open only in morning and close off  very soon, they hardly last even a day.
unique plant space cover purple flowers
 Unique leaves growth pattern makes this plant special as I get to see  different growth patterns in nature.  There is so much in the garden, planted, i have lost count  as to when and what I have planted, so who cares for the names, sit back, just enjoy the colors!
sending roots side ways  growth of creeper

Mitthu Alexandrine

free alexandrine with baby bird
 while I have left him free  he is staying in the next building, can hear his calls,  may he be healthy and  happy, who knows might come back, life is magical.
Eagle   in the Sky
There are so many eagles flying along with other different varieties of birds. From colorful birds to sweet singing birds,  and sparrows and mynas,  koyals  when we  close eyes feels like nature, forest .   each day I experience the law of nature when some weak bird gets caught by the other one. As an eagle  come near by all birds start moving in circles, the one to fear and stop or sit down gets caught., law of nature, survival of fittest. And have seen even the crows , angry crow, follow eagle and drive them off, its just about confidence!
Trees Cutting in Full Swing  on Road

So Many Branches of Trees cut, wood disappears
 While people give so much importance on planting trees, there is no check on how much to cut off, trees in name of pruning are cut so much so that they look almost barren, the wood disappears, so much,
Stocks Pile of wood after tree cutting on road
save earth, save trees!
enjoying the dip, pigeons bathing

while reading Rhonda Byrne The Magic, again, there is immense power in gratitude, Thank You for this beautiful Magical day!
Take Care and God Bless!
All the Best!
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  1. There are so many eagles flying along with other different varieties of birds. From colorful birds to sweet singing birds..Trees For Sale

  2. Thanks Anonymous for coming by Garden Care Simplified.


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