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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What foods Budgie Love Birds love Healthy Bird Foods Care of budgies Brahma kamal growing roots

Budgies Love Birds enjoying activity trip
 Budgies  love birds are great pets and as they require less space and are quite well behaved compared to other pets our lovely family of four enjoys the trip with  games activities and flying trips around the house.
It is very important for the health of your love birds that they get healthy food   and exercise. keeping them  restricted to cage will make them dull and sick many times. They also need space for wings flapping which they do on regular basis, birds are made to fly, but these  love birds born in controlled environments are not capable to live outside with other birds, hence the size of cage is also very important to allow then space for activity and movement.

 While the love birds love their pellets this is not sufficient nutrition for their health. Love birds need to be give fresh leafy vegetables, green leafy one, like spinach, they love the salty taste, methi leaves and even pods of peas.
healthy love bird foods, natural foods for budgies
 Budgies also love biscuits once in a while as they love salted foods especially the females love salt!so monaco is on the hit list they all clam together for this treat.
Goldie enjoying the time out
Since they love greens I have planted this fresh pellets and cereals seeds in pots to grow healthy fresh greens for them. The feel on the top of this pot covered in greens, is extremely out of this world feeling, it is soft as silk, when you move hand over the fresh green leaves growing in pots.
Love birds also love crunchy foods like toast and breads, rice, especially fried rice they love, but it must not be spicy.
For the love birds who keep laying eggs it is also advisable  to add extra calcium supplement in form of fish cuttle  bone, ready available in pet shops.
Brahma Kamla Plant growing fast
 Meanwhile at the Brahma Kamal front, the plant is growing fast and sending out many roots everywhere. This is the best easy way to transplant the brahma kamal plant as the ready roots will take roots fast and form a new brahma kamal plant. Hoping and praying to see the flower of this beautiful plant!
Brahma Kamal Plant Growing new roots every stem
How to grow Brahma Kamal plant easily

Love bird enjoying games
 enjoying the exercise on refill, this one is highly intelligent love bird and loves activities. She does not fly high and hops around but very curious and sharp, strong grip by beak, she is so small but ready to bite! she is the only protector  of the home, ready to bite anyone, have to be very careful  near her,  natural instinct to bite, and always lays eggs in clutch of  seven on alternate days ,  among the four awesome one!
Having fun love birds healthy activity for budgies

Blue bird of happiness  intelligent love bird

Loving the camera Goldie love bird

Above all the top perch love bird enjoying the highest perch

climbing activity love birds Angel climbing the curtain fast

Fresh growing green plants for healthy budgie love bird foods


  1. hi !

    i want to grow some indoor plants with moderate sunlight in my drawing room. thats the only space i have. kindly suggest

    1. Harvinder thanks for coming by Garden Care Simplified.
      There are so many plants that grow well indoors, but they will need some indirect sunlight at least for some time of the day.I have noticed these plants look lifeless and dull after few days inside, so they need a trip out.
      Chinese Bamboo is growing best indoors very tall, Chinese Evergreen, Snake Plant, peace Lily, rubber plant, many show plants of colorful leaves also grow well.
      Just remember to give them some time at least once a week near the window sunlight to be healthy.
      All the Best!

  2. Hi ,
    How your love birds live without cage as our love birds flew away when our cage was left open.

  3. Hello Anonymous, so sad your birds have gone, and more sad the little birds must feel lost in this big world. Once our blue bird also had gone from eleventh floor to the bottom, good that we found her in the compound and she is still with us along with three others.
    love birds must be made to fly at least once a week with closed windows and doors. They need this time out to connect with us
    Now we have a very large cage where they can fly naturally. And yes they always move away from the door, but still we have to be careful with the little fellows., as they are very curious and also need to have some chewing items to keep them busy.
    Take Care and God Bless from Rizwana!


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