Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kerala Fair December 2014 Horticulture Exhibition

Exotic blooms
 We were lucky to have spent the year ending 2014 kerala, amongst the back waters. Horticulture exhibition in Allapuza, another experience and sharing a few pics.
Showy leaves ornamental plant

Huge sized bulbs


Fair Allapuza

Tubers and Rhizomes

Coconut husk goods

Kerala Exhibition December 2014

 Horticulture exhibition Kerala was a great experience. Huge sized bulbs, banana plants, different types of unique flowering plants and along side the horticulture exhibition were also gadgets, garden equipment, home appliances etc.
flowering plants for sale

huge bulbs

Allapuza exhibition fair

statues and Idols in the exhibition

exhibition kerala
 so some beautiful bulbs,seeds, and plant saplings have found space under the sun in our extended family of plants.
The awesum jetty and boat ride is an out of the world experience, a heavenly place, great water energy , Kerala!,
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
bananas of kerala

local gardeners of kerala

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