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Holes in Hibiscus leaves Save Hibiscus plants from Winter pests Right procedure to add Ash fertiliser Nostalgic Beginning of Terrace Gardening Memories

Winters have begun with cooler temperatures by evening, and so have come up unexpected guests, pests. One of the reasons I had stopped growing hibiscus, we had more than fifteen varieties of unique rare, hibiscus flower plants, in fact our garden five years back was actually a hibiscus garden!But white aphids and beetles, it was a trying task to save them till spring burst in!We now have only one hibiscus, The Red Layered hibiscus, vibrant vermilion flowers.  Holes, and many holes, each day, the beetle, and also the caterpillars eating up, many plant leaves.  The beetle, bug, flying pests, eat leaves so fast, holes and holes and plants shrivel after few days.  Then also the yellow flowering plant which I had plucked  few years back rainy season that was growing under our car in compound , it would have died after rains, so emotional connection and brought it home!   its really so Awesum, gives out beautiful yellow blooms, and even after trimming last a week back, it gave us two Awesum…

Very Important Practical Tips for trimming and Cutting Garden plants After Rains Pest making holes in leaves Brahma Kamal Plant progress

While there is Awesumness all over my little space under the sun, a riot of colorus and fully loaded plants with blooms the main tiring difficult task comes after all this enjoyment, trimming .
Container plants love rains and they express themselves in huge overflowing growth but just after rains as cold chilly winter sets in they begin to dry and drop leaves. To prevent this energy leak and keeping in mind plant health they have to be trimmed before the strong winter cold sets in.

This time they plants had grown really huge and our little space resembled a thick forest! LOL, a mini Jungle!Had to take help from my husband as many of the plants had grown quote thick and tall. I really feels ad, tot rim them as they look happy now, but thinking about later times of winter it is really necessary to trim them on correct time.
My small and large scissors , my regular trimming tools, also were of no help so we borrowed huge scissors from our society garden.  The caterpillars are enjoying …