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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Personal Care during Gardening

Gardening is one of the most creative and satisfying hobby. As one is involved in the planting and growth of plants one is also gifted with bright blooms and healthy fruits and vegetables. Everywhere you can get guidelines about planting and care of plants. Ever wondered there is no mention about personal care and hygiene required during gardening and planting. I feel this also has to be well though off before letting this hobby take wings.
Nails are the most to suffer during planting of any saplings or plants. One has to take care of hands as close contact with mud may make the nalis brittle and they may break, and even germs and other pests may enter through your nails thus leading to any stmach and intestinal diseases. One can take care by wearing thick gloves before starting any gardening procedure.
Pests and infected plants need regulkar spray and disinfectant treatmetns and remember these are harmful for the pests so they are also not good for you. Inhaling such fumes may affect your breathing and also lead to some respiratory problems. Always cover your face and hands and spray from a longer distance over the infected plants. Keep your face at a distance when spraying any disinfectant over the plants..
Wear thick gloves and take special care while planting roses. They have sharp thorns which on pricking may not feel much on that time but on neglecting, later, may lead to a much bigger infection.  Cutting and trimming must aslo be done with utmost care and avoid any sharp thorns and pricking by any spiky plants.
Take care of your eyes while gardening. Keep your face and eyes at a considerable distance while doing gardening as any object or plant tip might harm the eye accidently. this may lead to eye infection and even losing eyesight if pricked by and infected, poisonous plant tip.
Keep all sharp instruments away from children and pets. You may risk getting hurt and even they may get hurt in the process.
Wear protective clothes that are thick and can bear the rough gardening provedures of ploughing and toiling the mud. Having an old plastic thick raincoat helps a lot in minimising risk of getting hurt and also your dress getting stained in mud.
Always remember to keep your nails clean and wash thoroughly with an disinfectant cleaner your hands and other body parts. Taking care of yoruself will help you to enjoy your hobby of gardening in a much better manner and also let you to appreciate the beauty of plants around you. happy gardening!

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