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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Son Champa Magnolia Champaca Flower of Joy and its Exotic Fruits Mahabaleshwar exotic Blooms Great tourist Destination

 Mahabaleshwar is such an Awesum place, a beautiful hill station, much cooler temperatures, located in western Ghat ranges. high altitudes and a boon for strawberry lovers! the juicy strawberries high in Vitamin C are grown here as the climate suits its growth , there are so many,  oh so many strawberry plantations, and its such an treat for all the tongue licking  dishes, ice creams,smoothies and milk shakes. What more so many fruit products from squashes to jams and sweets made from freshly grown fruits. For any Garden Plant lover, an Obsession towards exotic blooms, this is a Haven! Panchgani is a more serene place with Plateau , one of a kind. Its a land of flowers, as the climate is so favourable for exotic blooms all year round that Spring and Summers are best here!at Mahabeleshwar.!Great Destination, Tourist Spot!
layered red hibiscus plant
 After winters we do have a few losses and Thanks a Lot to the Awesum ones who have given me so many majestic blooms. The Red Layered Hibiscus, and was so lucky after trying so many times the Parijat auspicious plants was not growing so got this sapling growing under the mother plant , requesting the gardener he was more than happy to share!as young plants ahrldy survive along side huge trees with lack of nourishment.
Parijat plant Sapling

My Bird Friends for a dip
 Was lucky enough to see the fruits of Son Champa! Magnolia Champaca, Son Champa, flower of Joy, heavenly fragrance, mango yellow coloured blooms. The fruits are like grapes, exotic these are brown and textured skin.
Son Champa Magnolia Champaca

Son Champa Fruits
Exotic Hippeastrum Amaryllis
Exotic Exotic Hippeastrum Amaryllis, so happy to have found these bulbs, as the size of the blooms is majestic! With the passing away of our Rajni gandha, had to add another one, so Welcome to the family! Bulbs are big sized and cost anywhere from 250 to 500 INR. 
RajniGandha, Tube Rose

Majestic Exotic Hippeastrum Amaryllis
 Anthuriums , the most loved of Orchids, Vibrant red, are hardly available everywhere. and As we had white and pink, but the bulbs rotted with rains and rats, her we welcomed the beautiful vibrant blooming Anthuriums! Each plant costs 700 to 800 INR. and after a lot of haggling we can get it for 700 form small plant shops.
Kaner Flowers Like Roses
Meanwhile our Kaner after so many years of quietness, think it was more than three years, has sprung up with beautiful bunches of pink blooms, the flowers of Kaner are almost like roses, but the plant leaves are oval elongated and thick. The plant ozzes white liquid on breaking.
Kaner Pink Flowers
Exotic  RedAnthuriums

Close Up of Exotic Hippeastrum Amaryllis Flower
At the moment feelings of Bliss! Colours, Awesum Energy, and All Exotica! Enjoy Summers!
Rizwana Mundewadi wishing You All the Best from My little Space Under The Sun!
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Exotic Snow Queen Plant Snow Daisy Bush 
Double Tagar 
Colours Speak Volumes A Collection

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