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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Tibouchina urvilleana Purple Glory Tree Exotic Purple Rare Flowers

Tibouchina urvilleana, absolutely heavenly purple pinkish blooms. With the fresh rains, and the magical backdrop of grey clouds the flowers popped up as Angels attracting me towards them, the gardener in me got excited, clicked a lot, I actually go crazy in gardens with beautiful rare flowers, innfact colourful flowers make me really very very happy! Tibouchina, Purple Glory, fantastic blooms! Read on Google about this beautiful flowers. 
Tibouchina urivilleana

Exotic Purple Rare Flowers Tibouchina Purple Glory
A species of flowering plant in the family Melastomataceae, native to Brazil. Growing to 3–6 m tall by 2–3 m wide, it is a sprawling evergreen shrub with longitudinally veined, dark green hairy leaves. Meanwhile on my entryway passage garden, still continuing to face challenges. Yet, they are growing. With careful watering! Brought another leaf of Brahma kamal, the obsession to view the flower at least once in a lifetime my other Brahma kamal plants are giving out new leaves..added a few hand made garden ornaments. Toad stools, mushrooms made from recycling news papers, paper mache, fairy stools to welcome nature fairies, as they take care of my garden..fifteen days away from home and the garden was still green, its pure magic! Very cheap garden ornaments can be home made by recycling old newspaper.
Paper mache mushrooms hand made Toad stools
Wall decals are so Amazing! Wanted to bring magic, and WOW, as flowers will not grow here with no direct sunlight in my little entryway garden, completed the garden look!
Beautiful flowers design wall decals 

New Brahma Kamal leaf
Hoping someday I get to experience the magic of Brahma Kamal! All the Best from Rizwana, a Woman Google Garden Blogger,India!
hand made recycling newspaper flower vase 
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