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Monday, April 22, 2019

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens Netherlands April 2019 This is Heaven on Earth! Thousands of Tulips!

Keukenhof  Tulip Gardens Netherlands  April 2019
 Experience the best of best Tulips, thousands and thousands of varieties of tulips at the Keukenhof  Tulip Gardens Netherlands ! This is Heaven on Earth! Thousands of Tulips! A shower of fragrances afresh, and a riot of colours. No words to speak or share, have clicked lots of photos, and took in the breath of fresh tulips!
Europe tour was a dream come true! and this was at one time unreachable, but the Universe loves me, and what more, did I paint these, yes, I did! painting my dreams (My Pink PlaneFantastical dreams)  and watching them unfold as the Universe opens new chapters in my life.
Keukenhof  Tulip Gardens Netherlands  April 2019
 One of the Best experiences ever visiting flower shows and Gardens.  Keukenhof also famous as The garden of Europe. Holland Netherlands, the climate was fantastic with just the right amount of cold. Best climate for flowering of Tulips, thousands of varieties the garden is large, as the eye moves about we see large expanses of flowers and flowers and colors. great display and garden arrangements not only attracts visitors from all over the world but is also a great canvas for filming and artists inspirations.
Keukenhof  Tulip Gardens Netherlands  April 2019
 Wondering about Tulips flowering, yes, I could see how gradually the flowers bloomed. as the back sides still had fresh buds about to bloom and these I think would bloom within fifteen more days or so.
The Tulip festival at Holland in April and May is the best time to visit Europe and enjoy the show,  which lasts for only few months.
Keukenhof  Tulip Festival Netherlands  April 2019
 These  were the hybrid variety of big sized blooms. latest technology and blooming techniques creating wonders of the world!
Keukenhof  at Tulip Gardens Netherlands  April 2019

Keukenhof  Tulip Gardens Netherlands  

Keukenhof  Flower show  Netherlands  
 Tulips are huge, the vibrant rich colours are visible from long distances. Outside the garden we can see fields of tulips growing everywhere. It is as your bus is about nearing all the way you can see fields of tulips growing on both sides of the road. No wonder Holland Netherlands  is the largest exporter of tulips around the globe.
at The Tulip Festival 

Keukenhof  Tulip Gardens Netherlands  April 2019 Cherry Blossoms

Oldest wind mill Keukenhof  Tulip Gardens Netherlands  
 There is a magical charm in the oldest windmill. It moves with grace and once you reach the top of the oldest wind mill , you get a beautiful picturesque view of the Tulip garden.
Keukenhof  Tulip Gardens Netherlands  The buds of Tulips 
Buds of tulips that were just in progress and would bloom later within few days, just that the show must go on!
Must visit for every one, photographs never do justice to the wholesome experience  at the Keukenhof Tulips Garden Netherlands. Don't forget to buy souvenirs and famous lucky clog shoes! These will always bring back the memories of amazing Tulips!
Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!
Garden Care Simplified
All the Best from Rizwana!
Do share your experiences!

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