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Advantages of Buying Ready Grown Fruit Farms Orchard Buy Property with large Gardens

Buying ready grown fruit orchards, farms and gardens has become easy.   As  the love for gardening increases after experiencing the joys of container gardening and the limitations land is the best solution. Buying ready planted farm houses with ready planted gardens are available for sale  usually on the  outskirts of cities.
Farms where there are fully grown fruiting trees of coconuts, apples, oranges, chickoos, pomegranate, custard apple and many more fruit trees in one place. Large farm houses are available where there are already planted trees which are giving regular fruits.
While selcting to buy land with farm house one must carefully consider the following points,
legality of the land, agricultural or non agricultural. legal documents must be in place with no ownership issues.
As with NA, land we can build houses we cannot thus plant or do agriculture here.  With Agricultural land homes cannot be built and for you to construct homes you will need to get the legal permission of …

Big Amaryllis Red Lily Flowering Plant Tips

Beautiful red big huge majestic blooms, flowering plants are loved by everyone, and this one is great. with huge red blooms each lily flower measures approximately six to eight inches wide when fully opened.
No doubt the amaryllis flower takes two days to fully bloom, especially with the cool winds blowing full day and clouds in the sky the weather so heavenly, at this time of the year,  the red against the backdrop of the hazy blue sky looks too good.

 Tips for growing big red amaryllis flowering plant- The amaryllis lily plant grows from bulbs and as  every bulb requires rest periods before giving blooms even  I did remove the bulbs , clean them and transplant them after winter season. 
Within two months time in full summer the amaryllis blooms.
Bulbs flowering plants require sunlight, many hours of direct as well as indirect sunlight to give healthy blooms.
Watering regularly when the plant produces stem of buds is a must to encourage and give  strength to the stem.
 Very impor…

Mogra Plant Fragrant White Blooms on Plant Care and Tips for Flowering

Mogra plants give beautiful fragrant flowers and the time is just right for the buds to open as the sun nears setting the fully loaded blooms open up during night and spread a heavenly fragrance   in the whole garden.

Doubel tagar plant also shows similar flowering buds but the shape is somewhat pointed towards end and the mogra buds have a rounded oval shape.
I have been observing the mogra plant when during winter it had almost been quiet for a while with only few   leaves on the woody stems. At first glance it looked as dead, dried and no life. then came the tiny fresh green leaves from the sides of the stems and it grew dark green leaves for a month.
Feeding it after winter helps to give healthy blooms during spring and summer. You may add ready mixes available in plant nursery to encourage healthy blooms.
Tips for flowering in mogra plant- avoid over watering the mogra plant, it likes firm soil. Fertilizer must be added approximately a   month before full summer sets in to…

Kamini Bush Murraya paniculata white fragrant flowering bush Compare with Orange Plant Blooms

Kamini Bush  , Indian origin, botanical name Murraya  paniculata, a beautiful flowering bush that grows with abandon and gives plenty of blooms. we have two bushes growing one is a bit slow in flwoering and the other grows like wild! also known as Kunti, banmallika, pandhri and many other names.
Our previous kamini bush had not flowered for years and I had begun to doubt its existence, when our parakeet enjoyed the garden plants, nibbled on to the new shoots and this triggered  the flowering spurt and then the kamini bush had given plenty of blooms, trimming had worked for flowering.

 With our mogra plants now getting the growth  spurt the summer heat is welcomed   by the fragrant flowers in our terrace garden. The white fragrant mogra blooms are excellent boost to nervous system and mind to beat the summer cool nights. As the tiny oranges come to life from   white fragrant citrus smelling flowers so also the kamini bush has bloomed well with lots of tiny white fragrant blooms.