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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Flowering in Curry Leaves Plant and Friendly Unexpected Visitor Monkey to Our Terrace Garden

Buds on Curry Leaves Plant
 This was  a huge surprise and I have never seen the curry leaves plant flower or heard about this. The plant has given out a long stem juts like bulb plants and had tiny creamish buds in large numbers.
 The flowers opened after a few days and looked beautiful, tiny miniature like flowers very similar to white lilly or amaryllis , but just very very small.
The beauty in nature and God's creation was in detail , each flower so tiny, with the thin creamish petals and clear shape, this has maybe come up after many years. Maybe the plant got affected by being surrounded with everywhere blooming flowers.
With two of our Amaryllis bulbs giving out healthy large sized blooms the garden is a riot of colors, white as in mogra and juhi and roses of pink and whites, spider lily and peace lilly flowers, kamini with citrus fragrant creamish bunches, peach, pink kaners, champa, and just colors and fragrances like wild! Thank you God!
Heavenly white peace lily flower

Bunch of tiny off white flower buds on curry leaves plant

Friendly visitor to our terrace garden Monkey
Saturday,  welcome to our garden was an unexpected visitor, he must have accidentally come from nearby hills, and was of course treated like a true guest with fruits and food. The sad fact that concrete jungles are taking over natural habitat for animals, brings out the question of the nature cycle going on in harmony?

Total happiness as always though I was careful as monkeys are known to be very quick and also may bite if threatened, but the handy tips while trekking and dealing with monkeys  helped a lot, but with this fear was far less than the immense happiness,   and I did not want to miss out on capturing this happy moment!
Huge red flowers of Amaryllis

Close up of curry leaves tiny flowers
Thank you and Wishing every one many such happy moments, All the Best!
Thank you!
fragrant Mogra flowers

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