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Today I Bought a Sick Plant Why I Chose the sick Plant and Zanzibar Gem Plant

The fat boy plant, ZZ plant, another few additions to my extended family. The times when there is a lull in my little space under the sun, I think we lost our Gulmohar, this season ...and as health does not favour , I know its time to add some fresh energy, so here I end up again in the plant nurseries! So a few new ones.
The leaves of Zamioculus indoor plant are pinnate, and unusual style of growth, a beautiful sap green on darker side.  The succulent plant grows easily and gives out stalk of blooms. Grown from Rhizome the fat tuber (hence the name fat boy), stores water and can do away with  few  waterings and partial sunlight. The plant is also called eternity plant, or Golden Money plants, So another one for Good Luck! because the plant is strong , survives with very little care and can be grown form a single leaf!!
Today I bought a few sick plants, maybe some karmic influences or connections , as strangely the nursery guy took me to view another plant which I was searching for,…

How to grow Topiary Borders and Trim Art forms with your Plants for Your Garden Which Shapes in Feng Shui to avoid while making Topiary

Trimming and shaping of plants is termed as Topiary. It is an art form in many countries especially Japan and China as an expression of art with nature. Topiary is an horticultural practice in training live plants by clipping and trimming them in various forms and shapes.
The word Topiary comes from the word for an ornamental landscape gardener , topiarius, a creator of topia or places. Plants, greens grown as borders are a beautiful way to define the garden landscape design. Green border plants are actually any thick foliage plants with green leaves and they are tough and require less care.
While we do see a lot of greens cut and trimmed in fancy shapes and objects , the ones from Hanging garden are still remembered with love, those shaped as deer, elephants,
lady carrying her child, Giraffe etc. In Botanical gardens of Singapore, China and Japan  and Large gardens this is a beautiful way to decorate and add some style to any landscape design.
How to grow green borders in your garde…

Soil Loosening after rains and Vermillon Red Jade Plant Flowers Beautiful vibrant Red Flowering Stalk in Jade Plant Red Hibiscus Surprrise

Still enjoying the lime lite, from seeing my gardening article in print in Spiceroute in flight magazine of Spice Jet! September issue and if you like more info on vertical gardening check out this post. Wall Gardening Touching The Sky !
Sharing now two beautiful flowering jades. We have had many jades over the years , succulents,  and most of them lost due to over watering or bugs attacks that leave tiny holes in leaves. Succulents flowering ,  two different types of succulents, jade plants that give out bright red colored flowers. the flowers are tiny and grow in bunches on a single stalk. Worth for their showy blooms!
 They do require some hours of sunlight  and early morning is best. Really great feng shui plants f or the south of your garden as the color is a vibrant beautiful red. Soothing to the eye a lovely red color to give energy to the root chakra.

 The other succulent give out a pinkish red color flowers, and have smaller sized leaves. Like other succulents  they love we…