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New Surprises Some Plants Death Pests Fungus in Rains Red Amaranthus from Cutting Vertical self watering gardens for offices

Rainy season brigs in a lot of colour to out garden, in fact, my little space under the sun, terrace garden is the best during rains!The overflowing love of many plants, they have grown really quite tall and needed a as I say,  "javed habib haircut"!
Weeds are sometimes a blessing in disguise as they protect precious bulbs from rotting. Impatient self this time controlled to pluck them off, as they are protecting the bulbs indie the pot by absorbing the heavy downpour! Happiness comes in many forms for a gardener, There are always unexpected surprises during rains!this one is growing in the pot that was adopted, (the obsessed gardener) actually picked up from junk! so waiting to see what blooms come up,

Offices and corporate houses can now have such beautiful vertical gardens. clicked this in a private corporate sector office. What a beautiful way to bring in greens in the closed air conditioned environment, a welcoming sight near the entrance these vertical gardens are self…

Garden in Rains Drooping Roses Close up of Kamini flower cuttings Murraya Paniculata Changing Colours of Money Plant Lost Goldie Fish

I LOVE RAINS! my little space looks green, fresh and fully loaded with multi colour blooms! Drooping roses, drooping Allamanda flowering stems and Awesum fragrant Kamini bush fully loaded! While the rains bring out some respite in the gardener , ME, I get a break from the daily care and watering of plants, there are also some losses, but waiting to see how the season progresses.
A strange behavior, the Allamanda and the Fragrant jasmine, Juhi climbers are giving out tall lanky stems and at the tip of ends have bunches of blooms. No, I cant trim them and they are as if connecting ends of my terrace with lovely blooms!Fragrances are at top, with so many happy roses, heavy loaded plants but a bit sad as the roses with weight of heavy rain water are drooping but they look so happy and beautiful! The photographer in me gets great shots of flowers in rains!Actually every morning I am welcomed with some great attractive flowers and the mobile has given me great flexibility to capture, and …