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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Surprises Some Plants Death Pests Fungus in Rains Red Amaranthus from Cutting Vertical self watering gardens for offices

Weeds are a blessing sometimes
Rainy season brigs in a lot of colour to out garden, in fact, my little space under the sun, terrace garden is the best during rains!The overflowing love of many plants, they have grown really quite tall and needed a as I say,  "javed habib haircut"!
Weeds are sometimes a blessing in disguise as they protect precious bulbs from rotting. Impatient self this time controlled to pluck them off, as they are protecting the bulbs indie the pot by absorbing the heavy downpour!
Happiness comes in many forms for a gardener, There are always unexpected surprises during rains!this one is growing in the pot that was adopted, (the obsessed gardener) actually picked up from junk! so waiting to see what blooms come up,

New surprise, unknown plant 
Offices and corporate houses can now have such beautiful vertical gardens. clicked this in a private corporate sector office. What a beautiful way to bring in greens in the closed air conditioned environment, a welcoming sight near the entrance these vertical gardens are self watering, that is connected with internal pipes so you just water from one opening and the whole vertical garden gets water. the plants in Awesum vibrant lime green looked quite inviting, lovely Feng shui luck, I wish more of offices bring in greens indoors!
vertical gardening in offices
Vertical gardening in corporate offices

Over grown, Fungus in rains, plants death
 Fungus and flying beetles, are on active,a few of our plants look quiet,  waiting for the stubs to spring back. Had to trim off the fungus and rotting plants stems to encourage new growth. Sada phuli always has the rotting tendency, this time had saved a few babies but my heavenly friends plucked them out!
 This time again deciding, LOL, not very much luck for promising to keep this, that I will not buy any more plants that cannot bear rains and strong sunlight, meanwhile our Brahma Kamal plant leaves began rotting, so again they have come back to the window sill.  I think all the trick is in watering, still passionately  waiting to see the blooms of The Brahma Kamal!
new growth son takka plant

fungus plants death
 Grow your vegges, no I am not much of a lover of vegetable gardening, I love exotic flowering plants. The Red Amaranthus is a healthy leafy reddish maroon plant that boasts do great health benefits. High protein, calcium and iron content.  In India we call it Maath ki bhaji. Its really very beautiful and loved the deep colour, never tasted this but loved it! so the stems bought from the market went straight to some containers and it has picked up quite well. Growing new plants from cuttings- Choose thick stems and keep tiny bits of leaves on it for the new plant to make food. rich soil, indirect sunlight.
I hope they grow well, its great as an ornamental plant! Grow some red plants, Feng Shui  for south!
Birds of Paradise Flower
red amaranthus
 Just when it blooms, do smell the roses, its heavenly, Awesum, out of this world feeling! So one trip beginning of the day brings in a lot of refreshing energy, smell some natural fragrances and see your day go beautifully! All the Best from Rizwana!
Red rose in rains
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