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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Garden in Rains Drooping Roses Close up of Kamini flower cuttings Murraya Paniculata Changing Colours of Money Plant Lost Goldie Fish

Allamanda flowers in rain
 I LOVE RAINS! my little space looks green, fresh and fully loaded with multi colour blooms! Drooping roses, drooping Allamanda flowering stems and Awesum fragrant Kamini bush fully loaded! While the rains bring out some respite in the gardener , ME, I get a break from the daily care and watering of plants, there are also some losses, but waiting to see how the season progresses.
A strange behavior, the Allamanda and the Fragrant jasmine, Juhi climbers are giving out tall lanky stems and at the tip of ends have bunches of blooms. No, I cant trim them and they are as if connecting ends of my terrace with lovely blooms!Fragrances are at top, with so many happy roses, heavy loaded plants but a bit sad as the roses with weight of heavy rain water are drooping but they look so happy and beautiful! The photographer in me gets great shots of flowers in rains!Actually every morning I am welcomed with some great attractive flowers and the mobile has given me great flexibility to capture, and quite some time goes in speaking to them, viewing the,m, smelling  the heavenly fragrances and clicking creative captures, all from my little space under the sun!.
Drooping Allamanda Flowers 
Money plant epipremnum aureum, devil's ivy, Soloman Islands Ivy, pothos. Chlorophyll, is what we have studied in Botany, well this may be the result of changing colour in Pothos. While the money plant is quite happy and healthy some leaves are a shaded yellowish green among the vibrant greens. Maybe the amount of sunlight is reduced in rains as also some parts are covered with heavy money plant large leaves so the new ones coming are shaded.
No this is not a disease or the money plant is not sick, as in sickness the plants turn absolutely yellow , complete light yellow and drop. Its a beautiful artistic sight , money plant in shades of green!  

Changing color of money plant leaves
Money Plant Leaves in Rain
Meanwhile still waiting for Brahma to be pleased! my Brahma Kamal plants, many have gone...this one also was going mushy in rains ,tried planting some leaves in water to see root growth but it began to rot, finally another try, have shifted the pot from terrace to our window, hoping for the best!at least it must growth healthy leaves!
Brahma Kamal plants in water
 What a miracle , I just put a small cutting and it bloomed with huge buds and blossoms of kamini plant, Murraya paniculata, is quite a beautiful sight, a tiny plant with blooms.
Cuttings of Kamini flower Plant Murraya Paniculata 

Kaamini bush, Fragrant Orange Jessmine

Close up of  Kaamini flower Murraya Paniculata 

Double Tagar White flower 
 In the heavenly downpour captured the white magical Double tagar, it looks absolutely beautiful white heavenly against the dark grey skies and the vibrant green leaves.
White Roses Double Tagar
 Never seen and never knew , was surprised to see fruits on my curry leaves plant. While many of us bring curry leaves from market, me too was same until a decade back, I luckily got a space with a terrace garden and the magical dream fulfilled, each day is a magic!
Curry Leaves plant fruit 
 its really sad and emotional loss, my friend for many years, lost count, Goldie Gold fish, we lost her, Always happily swimming never was there any trouble,she would come so happily when I passed from near the fish tank, was so healthy but she got Swim Bladder disease, read from Google, it happens when fishes swallow air along with food, and their stomach bloats , they find difficulty in swimming straight and swim  upturned, that is bottom above. Prayed..prayed , gave medicines...stopped food, separated her, but finally understood, her higher again put her back in her home,  but couldn't save her....., struggle went for more than three weeks but she never showed any signs of sickness except for the unusual swimming posture...RIP Goldie fish... Lies peacefully in a plant container, buried with due respect and love. All my pets , budgie love birds and fishes lie in my garden soil, except for pigeons as they are larger in is important as pets give us so much love we must give them a respectful ending.In heaven will she be swimming happily! and yes hope she blossoms as a beautiful Brahma Kamal bloom!
Goldie Gold Fish

Goldie Fish died

Fully loaded Kamini Bush Garden Care Simplified

Drooping Roses 
 Some fun part of gardening, a different click! , went to the top Building terrace and clicked my little space! photographs never do justice to the real !
Aerial view of my terrace garden before rains
Enjoy the Rains, Be Healthy be Safe! Hope to see a Rainbow! All the Best from Rizwana!
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  1. very well expressed.I can relate to your feelings My garden too is in bloom .my gerbera roses and juhi in full bloom I pluck some and make a garland for God and the remaining stay on Next morn its all showered on the ground like a white carpet.

    1. Oh yes Gita, Gardens are very beautiful in rains, fully bloomed plants, fragrances and the beautiful grey overcast and if we are lucky, to see the magical rainbow!Yes what a beautiful way to offer God the fresh flowers, I love, I try to give my Red layered Hibiscus, goes to the Lord Ganesha as he loves this!Juhi is my favorite, best fragrance! Thumbs UP!


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