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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hibiscus Leaves Burnt Hibiscus Plant Care Tips to avoid leaf burns Baby Pigeon Rains in my Little Space Under the Sun!

Hibiscus leaves burnt, terrible heat and stress, too high temperatures, thank God now its pouring! The Hibiscus plant has been quiet for some time and even on watering showed no signs of growth. Leaves burnt due to pre monsoon showers, but now that the rains have begun it looks happy and is also giving a lot of large sized layered hibiscus flowers.
Reasons why plant leaves burn-
Red Layered hibiscus Leaves Burnt
1) too hot temperatures and kept under direct sunlight for long hours
2) Planting in new place, adjustment stress.
3) Plant attacked by mites and caterpillars so leaves start to turn yellow.
4) too much fertilizer
5)  Watering in hot afternoon time when the soil is very hot and even the leaves are hot.
How to avoid leaf burns in plants-
1) Keep checking the hours of exposure of sunlight or shift containers during hot summers.
2) See that the soil is healthy and not soggy or clogged. This affects plant health and also prone to attacks by pests.
Even when the leaves are burnt trim those parts to prevent more loss. I sometimes even save the complete leaf by trimming the edges/burnt parts only and avoid cutting the whole leaf .
3) Watering time very careful during hot summers.Early  mornings or late evenings.
And of course loads and loads of love, they pick up fast!good timing that the rains came so it has sprung up with new leaves and new flowers!
Burnt Hibiscus Leaves Care
I have always loved my bird friends and even though at many times they irritate me to the edge by plucking my plants and killing them yet I love to see the active Feng shui energy in my little space. While the Jasmine/Juhi , my favourite as these have heavenly fragrance and heightens in evenings and the roses in full bloom this time even after lots and lots,  am guilty of over trimming due to its lanky stems!!! the Allamanda plant, yet is so happy and has given out really large sized healthy blooms. The plant has grown lanky stems and is loaded with many buds at tips that are nearly five to six inches wide in size.
A beautiful magenta maroon colour, the blooms this time have a deepened colour and looking at the center is so mesmerizing and healing.

Pigeons coming for a dip in hot summers in my garden
 While the pigeons are aggressive and frequently lay eggs but are eaten by the crow this time they got lucky as the window sill was covered by green cloth. Observed the eggs, observed and clicked the eggs hatching and two yellow pigeon  babies, observed one baby died and the other growing day by day..they grow so fast within three to four weeks the baby looked almost like Mama and Papa pigeon. and what an emotional site it was for me to see it flutter its wings for the first time.. watch video of baby pigeon fluttering wings first time on you tube!
Exceptionally beautiful capture of sky from my terrace garden
 and of course the first flight...freedom...I got really attached to this baby  pigeon  while adding some of bird feeding of my love birds, as he did give the right poses and always was ready to be clicked!
Fragrant Jasmine Blooms
Talking of first times...The Baby Adenium after two years has got growth spurt and now gave its first blooms! Quite large sized as compared to the plant and a deep crimson reddish color. remembered the old Adenium that we has pink blooms.but then life goes on!A good gardener knows we have to continue to grow new plants and keep the garden green and colorful!
A week old Baby Pigeon in Nest 

Baby pigeon Growth

Baby Pigeon fully Grown 

Showering happiness Soft Pink periwinkle

Baby Adenium First Blooms in life

First Flight in life, Baby Pigeon 

Allamanda at its full bloom laden with large flowers

Red rose about to bloom
Call for some AWESUM Goodluck,
Awesum Good Luck White Pigeon
A white pigeon visited today morning for a drink, was so spiritually soothing and serene, it was as if a symbol from Heaven, I love the Universe , it blesses me in many ways unexpectedly!THANK YOU!
Rizwana Mundewadi feeling Blessed from my little space under the sun!
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  1. I am overwhelmed by
    your post with such a nice topic. Usually I visit your blogs and get updated through the information you include but today's blog would be the most appreciable. Well done!

    1. Thanks a lot Anita! All the Best from Rizwana!

  2. Very informative post and lovely photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Linda! Thanks for liking my blog and commenting! All the Best from Rizwana!


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