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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Water Clogging in Pots Garden Care for Rainy Season Fragrant Colourful Blooms against grey Creative Fun with Photo Editor Mobile Apps

White Juhi Flower, Fragrant Jasmine Climber
Having Some Creative Fun with Latest Mobile Apps! this is so Awesum, the rains are lashing, heavy down pour, haven't seen the sun , since days, and what more I love rainy season, it brings out the best in me! grey skies are much cooler, the atmosphere and our garden is always refreshing and amazingly beautiful with the down pour, yes though we do lose some as it is not possible to bring all of them indoors!the smaller container ones are at a loss, but I do get a respite of a few months from the every day care of watering!  there is a riot of colors and fragrances are at the peak!Painting blooms, flowers, exotic, and beautiful flower paintings!
Yellow Day Lilly 
 Nature has its own way of saving those it wants! saying of delicate plants, the day lilly, such small bulbs, but did give out beautiful yellow flowers and also saw the miracle of nature, it was protected by the blue bells climber all the time, till it did bloom healthy and happy! So I have learned, over the years that those the universe wishes to keep , it does go out of the way to protect those!meanwhile still waiting for the Brahma kamal to bloom, everyone in my family and friends are really tired of this obsession and have convinced me so many times to forget this,but still maybe will buy a larger plant this time and again give it a try!
 Mobile apps are so wonderful, while you cant do much in the rains with your small terrace garden, here is a creative way to express our love for our precious blooms.And what more they bring out such amazing photos, even arty and ready to be hung on any wall!
Mobile app, Edited my original click of a Tree!Mesmerizing
 A riot of colours!against grey backdrop of cloudy skies, all colours look more vibrant!  Red Roses, Pink Roses, white jasmine, mogra, Allamanda, Blue Vishnukanta, Yellow Lilly, Orange Ixora, Peachy Aboli, Yellow unknown flower, pink kaner, and many more. fragrances are at top, and the roses are awe sum, drooping so they do conserve the fragrances!Quite meditative and refreshing to smell a rose early morning!

Night blooming Jasmine

Red roses in rainy season

Exotic Flowers, Love this

Blue flower, Climber Vishnukanta
 Water accumulation in pots is the one dangerous chaneg coming with heavy rains.
Container Plant  care for rainy season-
1) check the soil, well draining.
2) try to avoid growing small new plants if you have an open terrace.
3) If you have small containers hide them below larger plants, this way both are helped.
For the large containers prevents too much water accumulation and small ones are sheltered by the bigger one.
4) Delicate root , seasonal summer, and delicate plants do die off, try to change places or keep cuttings and seeds beforehand. Accept this.
5) If there is water clogging and does not drain on its own , keep a check and remove water manually from time to time from your pots.
6) Avoid trimming plants too much before rainy season, the larger cover helps protect the roots.
7) Let some weeds grow over the bulbs , they will protect it by absorbing excess water. But keep a check on this.

water accumulation in pots 
Healthy Big Sized Roses

Inspired by my Passion and Flower Clicks!This art is sold

Heavenly White double Tagar against the grey sky 

Jasmine Fragrances are Awesum some mogra care

Golden Blooms Original painting inspired by my little space under the sun!
Rainy Season is the best for many flowering plants to give out blooms, hope your little ones are blooming, do share your experiences! don't forget to connect on my Face Book Group with the same name. Garden Care Simplified!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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