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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Twist it like Bamboo in Rail Bandhu August 2016 and Understanding Eco Symbols for Green living Brahma Kamal New Additions to our Family!

Bamboo facts, yes, did not know much except that these Bamboo trees grow quite tall, and swaying bamboo trees are the Best Feng Shui!From the humble flute that makes beautiful music, bringing in childhood memories of the classic Hindi movies where the main instrument for music was  the Basuriwala! Dosti, and the amazing flute backgrounds! Hari Prasad Chaurasiya, What an Awesum talent with soulful music , still listen to his instrumentals!
Bamboo and its umpteen uses! Read this in Rail Bandhu on Board magazine of Indian railways!Food, yes shoots of bamboo are used in many dishes , in making natural fabrics, in furniture, paper and lot lot more! Going eco friendly and making the maximum use of natural products promoting a healthy lifestyle.
Fabric made of Bamboo!  is soft and beautiful, also used for high fashion wedding dresses, WOW!
In the world there are 1450 species of Bamboo.
Some Bamboo facts shared in Rail Bandhu by Bhaskar Mahanta!
Depending upon the climate Bamboo trees can grow up to 36 inches in just 24 hours!
Town of Bamboo- Anji County, Anji Bamboo Garden,  in China with 60,000 hectares of Bamboos!
From Gardens to construction of houses to simple creative products and contemporary decor items and food, these Bamboo Trees are a boon and many families depend solely upon this for their living!
Shared a few important words on symbols, read the symbols on eco friendly products while going green! These symbols printed on eco friendly products are a sign that no harm has been done to the environment while making this products. Do read these carefully!
What the symbols say, Rizwana Mundewadi
Old Brahma Kamal Saussurea obvallata Plants
Corner of my Terrace Garden
Juhi Jasmine flowers
Huge Caterpillar in garden eating plant leaves
That Which God said to the Rose, and caused it to laugh in full blown beauty,He said to my heart and made it a hundred times more beautiful...
The Rose's rarest essence lives in the thorns" Rumi Quotes
Its beautiful its fragrant, and so humble, they droop with their own weight but remain for many many days, with their Awesum beauty on the rose bushes, nature's finest miracles!and another beautiful view of the dropped petals on other plants ... A shower of happiness!
Fresh Rose in rain
Drooping large sized rose flowers 
New Brahma Kamal Saussurea obvallata Plant
Bleeding Hearts Vine has many Unique blooms

Great information, while travelling by Trains an On Board magazine by Indian Railways, from India's Top Publishing House,  Maxposure . Nostalgic and happy fond memories and yes I still prefer going by trains , especially our beautiful mountainous regions like Ratnagiri, Sikkim, Ooty and Himanchal Pradesh, the view is Breathtakingly Awesum!
Meanwhile with rains in my little space under the sun, the view and environment is Awesum! The obsession with growing the Brahma Kamal, Saussurea obvallata, plant still continues, the old plants are still quiet with just about little growth even after years, and many we have lost so have decided to keep them on window sill, so added a few on Friendship Day! There is actually no space remaining, but Welcome to the family!

 Meanwhile there are many half eaten leaves, especially bushy Aboli plants, Crossandra Infundibuliformis and the lilly huge rectangular leaves, and found the culprits that gorge on these, huge caterpillars, the size of this shows how big the butterfly is. Last year we had  two huge ones where I screamed, more than the size of fore finger!  and screamed !!!! with glittering shiny hair prussian blue and tips were orange dots!  No doubt the butterfly coming out is very large sized and Awesum contrasts of black, orange and white!
 Roses are the main soul of my garden, we have all year round blooms,

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