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Rainy season after effects and Care in container plants Overgrown roots in container garden Ribbon grass growing tips and Flowering of Yellow Golden champa

Rainy season has brought so much happiness and colour in our garden, there whole space is an haven for colours and greens!While the roses are overflowing in their containers and blue pea climbers are giving out clinging stems for growing happily taller, there are other serious problems that we face every year after the rainy season. The soil goes rock hard with a thick layer and the roots are overgrown.
Our two Champa flower plants that give out beautiful white yellow shaded champa blooms have over grown to a large height, showering their happiness from above the base has become too full of roots. The top looks Awesum green with large sized leaves and thick fleshy stems but the container roots have come above the soil surface, and since rains are on the plant is looking happy but later we will have to either trim it down or replace it to a new larger home, a bigger container.
 Ribbon grass is one ornamental grass that grows very easily and even multiplies on its own very fast. The …

Twist it like Bamboo in Rail Bandhu August 2016 and Understanding Eco Symbols for Green living Brahma Kamal New Additions to our Family!

Bamboo facts, yes, did not know much except that these Bamboo trees grow quite tall, and swaying bamboo trees are the Best Feng Shui!From the humble flute that makes beautiful music, bringing in childhood memories of the classic Hindi movies where the main instrument for music was  the Basuriwala! Dosti, and the amazing flute backgrounds! Hari Prasad Chaurasiya, What an Awesum talent with soulful music , still listen to his instrumentals!
Bamboo and its umpteen uses! Read this in Rail Bandhu on Board magazine of Indian railways!Food, yes shoots of bamboo are used in many dishes , in making natural fabrics, in furniture, paper and lot lot more! Going eco friendly and making the maximum use of natural products promoting a healthy lifestyle.
Fabric made of Bamboo!  is soft and beautiful, also used for high fashion wedding dresses, WOW!
In the world there are 1450 species of Bamboo.
Some Bamboo facts shared in Rail Bandhu by Bhaskar Mahanta!
Depending upon the climate Bamboo trees can gro…

Water Clogging in Pots Garden Care for Rainy Season Fragrant Colourful Blooms against grey Creative Fun with Photo Editor Mobile Apps

Having Some Creative Fun with Latest Mobile Apps! this is so Awesum, the rains are lashing, heavy down pour, haven't seen the sun , since days, and what more I love rainy season, it brings out the best in me! grey skies are much cooler, the atmosphere and our garden is always refreshing and amazingly beautiful with the down pour, yes though we do lose some as it is not possible to bring all of them indoors!the smaller container ones are at a loss, but I do get a respite of a few months from the every day care of watering!  there is a riot of colors and fragrances are at the peak!Painting blooms, flowers, exotic, and beautiful flower paintings!
 Nature has its own way of saving those it wants! saying of delicate plants, the day lilly, such small bulbs, but did give out beautiful yellow flowers and also saw the miracle of nature, it was protected by the blue bells climber all the time, till it did bloom healthy and happy! So I have learned, over the years that those the universe wi…