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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stages of Flowering

The small balls in a bunch . Unknown to me this small stem had been plucked by my husband and it did grow fast.
There were many tiny balls on the plant. Feasting on any plant is the favourite pasttime of the birds around my garden. And even this plant had its share of plucking the new flower buds! Still it did overcome and presented many small bunches of buds.

The flower is very beautiful and majestic. There is a riot of the colur red and the tiny strands which all together make up the flower. The small yellow pollens are attached to each strand of the red at the end.

Blast of red in my garden.
The closing time. Each bloom though takes many days to form its beauty lasts for only one day. By evening it starts withering and closing.If the climate is not very hot it may last for another day. After closing the flower turns into a brown colour and later falls when dried.


  1. Hi Riz, This is called Round bottle brush. (Because it is similar to Australian bottle brush, except it is round and not long). The Australian bottle brush is so named because it resembles a bottle brush!


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