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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rare Flowering of Sanseviera Cylindrica Plant

rare flowering of Sanseviera cylindrica plant
The excitement is without bounds as I experience the fragrant flowers opening on this cactus plant.I did not know whether this cactus will ever bloom as I had seen this plant at many places growing for years in the same way. The white stem came up which is at least 12 to 15 inches tall and as the plant grows in fan shape this stem was easily noticed as tall and light brown colour as compared to the dark green of the sansevieri cylindrica plant.
Flowers blooming on cactus plant

Open flowers of sansevieria cylindrica cactus

white fragrant flowers of Sansevieria cylindrica plant

majestic stem with flowers of sansevieria cylindrica plant
The cactus plant took many days in fact more than a month to form this stem and with tiny buds and lots of expectations one evening I could feel the fragrance of the tiny white flowers and immediately I knew the flowers had bloomed and each layer of flowers opening in circular fashion look very heavenly and attractive.
close up of white flower of sansevieria cylindrica

Tips for flowering of  sansevieria cylindrica- The plant grows into tall shoots which are shaded dark green in colour. This cactus needs only partial sunlight and in our terrace garden it received evening sunlight only. Fertilizer was given only rarely as I did not expect this plant to give any blooms! Watering was also not a problem as the plant has tubular stem which stores water.  The most important tip here was that the plant got great support of a wall and grew healthily as previously the plant could not take root as the heavy tubular stems could not hold the plant.. each time I would plant it the sansevieria cylindrica plant would fall off from the pot. Then I tried tying the plant stems with a rope but the plant would look crammed up and sick. Once it got the right place and took root then it did not require any form of support. And I guess the plant has given flowers after a year of planting, so hope to see another stem next year or maybe once the cactus has matured maybe we get to see the fragrant blooms more frequently.  
white flower

stem of flowers on cactus plant

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