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Monday, February 6, 2012

Enjoy the Fragrant garden- Tips for Best Roses

Pink Roses Growing in Bunch
The fragrant garden is at its best now and I am enjoying the colour as well as heavenly fragrance here, especially in the early mornings and late evenings.

Pink Rose Flower
 When you plant a rose garden it is but obvious that you must spend some time regularly in your fragrant garden.
Beautiful Yellow Single Rose

Pink and White Shaded Rose Flower

Beautiful Roses in Garden

Single Red Rose Flower

Buds of Rose Flowers on plant

Fresh Red Rose Flower

Big Yellow Rose Flower

Yellow Roses on Plant

Attractive Orange Rose Flower

Baby Pink Rose Flowers on Bush

Close up of Rose Flower

Glowing Pink Roses

Good Luck Rose Flower
This year we are enjoying the best rose blooms and that too in plenty. All our rose plants and bushes have flowered in plenty and the dream of owing a rose garden has given these gifts from nature.
Tips for growing best roses- The blooms have to be big and in plenty. This had led me to study the growth patterns of rose bushes and plants. With thorns on them I had not expected the dark red rose to give such a big bloom. The bushes are laden with n number of flowers.
Tip one is take care during winters. Roses need indirect sunlight and even though they grow in full sunlight the blooms will wither soon in full sunlight. So select a good spot for your rose bushes and plants.
Do not trim the rose bush or plant in winter and as I have done this my poor bush had gone in shock with no change for few months. Understand that the plant has to bear the chilly winds and winter and again if you give another trauma of trimming the stems and leaves it may not survive. Trim before winter or best before rains so that they get the growth spurt.
For very big rose blooms try to nip off small buds that grow in plenty as these will make the size of the rose flowers small. If you need bigger blooms then your will have to focus in getting less number of flowers but really the size does matter and the big rose flower has taken a prideful place in our living room.
In winter my roses bushes and plants are giving flowers and I have given them feeds of fertiliser before the beginning of winter. it will take at least minimum two weeks before you see the miraculous results from the feedings.
After the flowers are dried it is advisable to trim the dried parts to encourage new growths but I only trim my rose bushes when they go in different directions and I need them to grow in circular pattern in my container.
See the right place for your rose bush and this can be done by trying to grow the plant in different parts of your garden or window sill for getting the best location to get great blooms.

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