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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Step by Step How to Grow Bonsai Plants at Home

Gardening ceases to surprise me, give something new each day, every moment, ,  the popping of seeds from the pod, a very wonderful experience this morning with pea pods, the dried pods burst in my hands popping black seeds around!a warmth on my palms and the sound of popping breaking the silence , great feeling, nature's way to multiply its resources.The blue bell climber pods, having lovely bell shaped blue flowers.
Bonsai plants is a term that has become know from a special way of growing plants in small trays or containers. Aged plants and big trees of fruits also can be grown using this technique in small containers, and they look great with the size of big fruits growing on small sized trees. Miniature trees growing in small containers.
Bonsai actually means Bon , tray and Sai to grow, it is a technique to grow big trees in small containers or trays. A specialized science of growing many gardeners attend special classes for learning Bonsai techniques. Associated with Chinese way of growing plants now Bonsai has become a household name and the plants grown in this manner not only require very less space but also give great tasty fruits.Tools used in making Bonsai plants are also different somewhat than our regular gardening tools. As we need specialized tools , smaller and sharper ones, than the usual ones, for delicately clipping small trees in containers.
In feng shui bonsai plants have been looked upon with not so much favor as the plant grown in small size indicates stunted growth of a person in his personal and professional life. My take, as long a sit gives fruit size does not matter, and in fact now with space crunch we see so many large fruit gardens, with small sized mango and apple trees in small more fruits in less space, and the advantage here is you can focus on the quality of fruits in small sized trees and get best quality. Even coconut trees, palm trees and many other trees have been seen growing the bonsai way.
Our orange plant grown in small container gives tasty fruits and now the first flowers have begun coming out on the orange tree. So also the mogra plant has the first new buds of this season.
Adenium Thick Stem Bonsai Plant

Adenium Bonsai Plant

Fruits on tree
A very good example of Bonsai tree are the Adenium plants growing with lovely flowers. the more aged the plant the more thick the stem and the roots look quiet like a aged tree.
Cycas Palm Growing in Bonsai Form
Bonsai Tress in Plant Competition

Beautiful Aged Adenium bonsai Plant

Bonsai plant Adenium Good luck Plant

Orange fruit Tree growing in small container
How to grow Bonsai plants at home-Bonsai growing is not so simple but when followed correctly the plants grow well. As we know plants need sunlight and soil along with feeding to grow and flower and fruit. In bonsai first you select a tray made of ceramic which has a few inches thick bottom.
1) Ready made bonsai growing trays are available in market. Select the plants you wish to grow , are they ornamental plants or fruits one or flowering plants.
2) Soil layers will depend upon the trees you select for your bonsai.For beginning I would suggest making a rock garden with gravel and soil and also adding few different sized rocks to hold the soil together and also improve its landscape beauty. Ornamental plants look best and also grow without much care in form of bonsai.
3) You may also select different coloured plants, different leaves and different flowering plants and make a combination in your bonsai tray. Take care to avoid cloggy soil and gravel in the right size is very very important for an impressive presentation of your bonsai.Too much pebbles will not allow the plants to root and too much fine soil will make it cloggy and thus prevent growth of your bonsai.
4) Trick in growing bonsai plants is that the size of the plant or tree is kept to few inches only and even huge oak, banyan and fruit trees are grown in small trays bonsai containers.
5) Select a thick tree branch of any tree you wish to grow, there must be new leaves appearing on the stem and the stem must have at least three to four branches sprouting from the main stem.
6) The base needs to be spiked a bit to allow root formation soon.
7) Add some fertilizer along with the soil while planting. Avoid too much fertilizer, dilute it well,  as the base of your bonsai tray is small and thus add proportionately according to the size of the container.
care needs to be taken to protect your bonsai from direct sunlight and wind.
8) Regularly measure and water your bonsai plant, and allow measured timing of indirect sunlight till the plant is firmly rooted in the tray.
Select easy growing ornamental show plants first that require less care and when you master the skill then progress to fruit trees. While trimming use special clipping tools for bonsai plants as the process needs care to avoid extra trimming. Look for the extra shoots coming out from all directions and trim your  bonsai plant in shape of a tree.
Pests also sometimes attack plants so grouping bonsai plants take care to select plants having same requirements or similar requirements of water and sunlight.As it becomes difficult to water one plant and leave the other dry in the single bonsai tray.
While growing bonsai do take care of the trees special requirements for care and protection as it is understood that the tree will be grown in small base and the root system does not have enough space for going deep, so the delicate plants need to be protected from small children and pets.Sometimes it is very easy to uproot the bonsai plants so place the bonsai plants in safe place where everyone enjoys the beauty but also do not allow them to touch, as the first response for any bonsai tree is that people cannot resist the temptation to touch them!
The best part in bonsai growing is that you can have a whole garden on a single tray and this can be placed on your window sill, your tea table or even at the main entrance of your main door inside.  Those who have grown bonsai trees swear of the beauty of these lovely plant trees. You may also go a step further and include a small water feature here with the bonsai garden or a water fountain along with pump for the natural landscape feel in your rock themed bonsai garden.
a wonderful feeling when you see new leaves coming out of your bonsai tree, meaning your plant has rooted and settled in new environment, experience it to enjoy! another level of happiness when you enjoy the tasty fruits from your bonsai plants.

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All the Best! 
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  1. growing bonsai plants in less space, small containers, and more return, great investment more profit, our plant still gives out lovely pink flowers

  2. is bonsai plant good or bad fengshui?

  3. hi anonymous, Bonasi plants are considered bad feng shui by traditional Feng Shui Masters as they say the plant is not allowed to grow to its full potential.And that it affects the individual with dwarf growth in business and money.
    I feel what is the harm , they look good, they have flowers and fruits, in less time and space, why do we grow plants of fruits and flowers, many for the end result, so enjoy, each ones opinions differ,
    just how you feel looking at bonsai, about this, is important decision maker

  4. Hi, what is your favourite bonsai species that you would recommend starting with?

  5. Thanks Matt for coming by Garden care Simplified, this sure is a very informative post on Bonsai plants, visited the link, thanks for this info. I love Adenium!
    Take Care and God Bless!

  6. Hello Mam,
    I am a UG student of Botany. I want to grow bonsai mango tree. Pls give me guidance as i m growing for first time. Pls rply me. On my mail id.

  7. Hi Aayushi! you are a botany student means you have greater knowledge than me about plants!
    I have never begun a bonsai at home, only bought from nurseries, so guess it would be you have to read tips and try out! Any bonsai needs to be trimmed with proper care and watered carefully. The trick in success for bonsai is choosing the right thick branch with many tiny shoots sprouting from it, as these mature branches give out fruits soon.
    Choose a healthy nutrient rich soil, and bonsai are pampered ones an require timely attention in beginnings as far as I have read. Do share your experiences Aayushi! All the Best from Rizwana!

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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