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Monday, March 18, 2013

Best Time to Buy New Plants Colorful Flowers Petunias Growing and Flowering Tips

Best time to buy new plants, the most sought after question by plant lovers and new entrants in gardening, when is the best time to buy and plant new plants? As was earlier said over the years people used to buy new plants in rainy season and believed the climate would make almost anything grow.

With researching on best time to buy and growing plants and practical experience I have found spring the best time, the months after winter ends, and new shoots begin to appear from dried plant stubs, a best feeling with new growths from bulbs and rhizomes tubers, and as they grow the time is just right for them to give beautiful colorful flowers by May.
During rains I have experienced that plants, new ones when planted, do not get time to settle down and as  the beginning of rainy season is also a good time as the climate is on cooler side and the plant gets time to grow, but during heavy down pours new plants get over watered, drowned in the new containers and most of the times the heavy rains make the soil soggy in the new container resulting in death of the newly planted plant. In rainy season it is a race of luck, either the newly planted plant starts to grow fast with a growth spurt and roots soon, or it get drowned in the soggy soil and dies. Give it some time to root in the new setting and after this when rains come the plant will grow healthy.

Large Dahlia Flower on Plant
 Spring is welcomed in our garden by colorful flowering plants, and ask any gardener, the happiness of new additions to the family, and they are at a loss of words! After the winter season after losing a few aged plants that had lived their life and since some seasonal plants need replanting after winter there is always the need to add a few new vibrant colored ones to give the instant boost of positive energy to the garden.
Colourful petunias for Spring Season
 Colorful petunias are a welcome addition to very garden and home, and since they are available in so many vibrant shades and colors and are very cheap in cost Petunias are big flowers and adding them will bring instant boost to any place of your garden or window sill. Reds, Oranges, pinks and maroons, and whites , off whites, yellow and even shaded variety look beautiful.  They cost here about 15 to 20 Rs per plant and you can bargain if you wish to purchase plants in large numbers.
Growing Petunia Flowers in garden
Care of Petunia Plants and flowering Tips- petunia plants grow best in hanging baskets with porous and well draining soil.Since each plant grows to full while spreading stems from around the main plant there are flowers on tips. The plants when grown in round wide mouthed containers look very pretty, and it is best to grow these petunia plants in large numbers to get the strong colorful effect.
After the flowers have dried they fall off and when you need to encourage profuse growth snip off the flowering tail of each stem. This will encourage new stems to grow from the single stem and make the petunia plant spread from sides quickly.
Petunias are seasonal plants and every year we have to plant new ones as they grow till rainy season. They cannot tolerate heavy down pour and even though this makes us buy these colorful plants every year the blooms are really worth the effort.
Beware of pets and birds, our main problem, pigeons, they love flowers of petunias and these are nipped in even the bud stage sometimes making the plant fearful and scared to grow, and with too much breaking and nipping the plant may also stop growing any new shoots.
Growing new petunia plants is done by seeds and also cuttings of the parent plant. But this process is difficult as the seeds are very tiny n size, and it is more easy to buy new plants right from the nursery and enjoy the blooms in the spring season.
Bulbs of amaryllis, lilly and gladiolus have got healthy shoots , waiting for a colorful blooming show soon!

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Thank You, All the Best!


  1. visit any nursery with a wide selection of plants

  2. my experiences with buying plants have been sometimes lucky sometimes not so lucky, but lessons continue


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