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Monday, November 11, 2013

Croton Plant Colorful leaves Plant with Red tiny star shaped tubular flowers

Croton plant with red flowers
Colorful leaves plant crotons, have so many different varieties that I am awestruck by the colors in leaves. With winter setting in the time to visit the many nurseries to add something unique. This si the ebst time for blooming plants who love to give out vibrant colorful blooms, whites , yellows, red, oranges, peaches , maroon , so many colorful flowers ,especially roses are at their best!
close up of croton plant leaves and red  flowers
Crotons the wonderful splash of colorful leaves breaking from the monotony of greens in your garden these crotons come in more than 750 varieties and each one unique and beautiful as the other! As I had always wanted colorful flowering plants till now  my focus lately has been on coloring foliage in my garden. So while I have again planted cuttings of small Chinese rose to bring vibrant shocking pink in the garden, another break from chilly winter climate are the warm vibrant flowers on croton plants.
croton plant shading leaves and red flower buds

Chinese Rose pink flowers on plant growing tips
Just like the Chinese rose, very easy to grow, from small cuttings , just stick in the soil and they take root easily, except protected from pigeons and sparrows, even colorful foliage crotons can be planted from cuttings of the mother plant.
Colorful leaves maroon with green border ornamental plant

Different vibrant colors flowering plants

With regular fertilizing and caring for flowering plants, though I am not grumbling as it is really worth the effort, especially in king roses,  this is a nice break and also  original colors in the garden. So searching for plants I let in a beautiful croton plant and as   I was explained this is an indoor plant, requires no care and grows on its own.
Crotons have beautiful showy leaves and  each plant has unique combination of colorful foliage.  Some have wavy leaves, some are oval, some pointed  leaf shape, some have ridges wavy patterned , usually there is a base  color green and then reds or oranges. Crotons grow like a bush but our maroon leafed plant has grown quiet tall with new babies coming out from the original mother plant. Transplanting and growing is quite easy as the cutting when stuck in soil begins a new life.
Crotons look best when planted in round mouthed containers and trimmed in shape of  bushes. There will be no need for color in your garden if you bring in a lot of crotons. They are prone to attack from mealy bugs, white fungus and aphids just like many other plants and as winter has set in many of the plants are demanding attention and care.

Shaded leaves of croton plant with red flowers

The burst of red, this croton plant sent out a stem of tiny buds which bloomed into a sparkling vibrant vermillon red tiny tubular flowers. The contrast with leaves and flowers is great. They also need feedings in case  you wish to see the blooms as hardly many people put effort in this  direction for the croton plants.
Crotons need proper watering and not over watering as when dried the leaves drop off and when too soggy soil the roots rot. Best place to plant crotons is where they get indirect sunlight, many people plant them indoors but if you really want the beautiful show  let them get sunlight, and then see their true beauty! yes the color of leaves changes with the exposure to sun!

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