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Friday, September 2, 2016

Piper Nigrum Black peppers close up of black pepper fruits Pepper corns on plant Survival Plants Brahma Kamal Plants

Piper Nigrum, Family Piperaceae, Awesum happiness! While I was wondering about thechilli plants giving out profuse off white tiny flowers, the whole of May and June the full plant was loaded with beautiful flowers.  Wondering as I always keep planting seeds of chillies as they grow easily,   and then some spring to life during rains but this one was capsicum, or green chillie or red chilies. The chillie pepper plant looks quite happy and did not require any care.
Black pepper fresh fruits
 Awesum happiness, I never grow vegetables, but tried chillies. My terrace garden has exotic flowering plants each one has a different story.
Corner of my little space under the sun 
 The black pepper plant had flowers then they sprung into light green berries like fruits, these turned yellow, and now they are purplish black. the black peppers we get in markets  are dried well and hard so they can be powdered. Stages of harvesting we get green, white , black. The peppers are dipped in solutions and treated to remove their skin to get white peppercorns as I read on Google.
Black pepper corns on plant

Black pepper spicy fruits corn

Dark purplish berries black pepper

Growing black pepper among other plants support

Pepper plants in container
 Needs support, so the black pepper vine  are growing in between other plants.
Berries black pepper plant

Magical blooms  fantasy my click with creative mobile app

Blue pea flowers in blue hand painted planter

Soft fresh black pepper on plants
 Mushy fruit, fresh from my plant, inside has specks of white.
inside of black pepper fresh corns

Close up of spider Lilly flowers in rains

Green pepper fruits plant

inside is specky white grey mushy fruit pepper
 Very spicy , black peppers.
Purple fantasy , my original click with mobile creative app. 
Now the fruits, berries, mushy, are dark purplish black in colour. flowering vine growing along all our other plants, guess it needs support,  has given loads and loads of beautiful tiny yellowish white flowers for most of the summer months and now the fruits had come up, tiny balls of green. The green balls have now become a beautiful  purplish black. The inside of the pepper corns , a mushy fruit, has white specks. The fruits of black pepper are dried and then ground and used as spices and seasoning for many dishes and salads .
The king of spices,  black peppers are costly. Pepper fruit, pepper corn are actually berries of the plant. Green berries are picked up when they are still not ripe. Green, raw and unripe, White after process of removing its covering, and black peppers ripened dried ,are stages of the same fruit. Highly rich in nutritive value these black peppers are grown for their unique flavors and medicinal properties.
Meanwhile while all my plants  are growing happily, there are these -my Survival plants, the Brahma kamal plants look happy and grow and then start to become quiet!Added new plants, and they are looking great on window sill, I am calling them survival plants as they are not taking too well to our open space under the sun, neither are they shooting up into leaves fast. Just about after a month or so some new progress is seen. My obsession with the plant continues, and while all are saying leave this, they will not  grow,  my soul still longs to experience this beautiful magical  happiness of seeing them bloom, Still hoping one day , maybe I will see the Brahma kamal plants give out buds.. bloom!
Also the plants have quiet some eaten leaves, did remove a few  caterpillars but letting them be as they will hope so bring new life , Awesum butterflies in my garden!.
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Awesum Day Rizwana!
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  1. Hi...from where did you obtained Black Pepper seeds.....?

    1. Black pepper seeds, OM I had planted capscium and red chillie seeds, but this emerged, LOL! it was an accidental plant! I don't remember, guess must be from transferring of birds, or maybe the cooked rice I may have put for feeding birds and the seed just sprung to life!


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