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Monday, September 19, 2016

To Be or not To be, Caterpillars Butterfly Larvae in Garden Tips to Transfer Save Larvae and Caterpillars

To Be or Not to be,

Creepy caterpillar in garden

Feeding Huge Caterpillar 

Moving Above Caterpillar on plant

Huge droppings from huge caterpillar 

Caterpillar feeding droppings

Close up of feet of caterpillar

Growing fast caterpillar of huge butterfly

Finger sized huge caterpillar

Head Eyes of caterpillar

Feeding with a large appetite caterpillar close up

Close up of Caterpillar eyes feet

Never been this close without screaming! but after looking at them and accepting their life cycle, gathered some confidence and clicked close ups!

Caterpillar moving along the plant
an emotional decision,..
plants eaten by caterpillars
especially after they ate up all my black pepper corns! Plants and insects have always been along with gardening and its a cycle of nature. always with gardening over the years I have learned so many lessons, not only about priorities and about space but also how each plant grows and what is required to keep them happy and how we become protective and possessive and so do they!
Caterpillar in our garden
So while I check the pest and each ones growth  conditions and feedings, the garden is full of butterfly eggs. she has taken to our terrace garden as a second home!every year its a challenge to let her increase her clan and also protect my precious ones from dying.
The huge butterfly no doubt is beautiful and more so as I want to see the new lives, I also want to protect my plants, and especially my orange plant that is struggled to grow, since many months and just picked up. and they have a voracious appetite and in a single day eat up a whole plant!
My heart and My Brain...a lot of tussle, thoughts...previously I transferred some to a large garden, meanwhile mommy butterfly keeps visiting everyday once at least to check her babies. . Finally my heart won and I manually transferred the caterpillar to other plants, they also love palms that are thick and long leaves and the bulbs of amaryllis with elongated leaves.
I personally don't like creepy creatures but they are life, and I would kill them till a few years back as they would eat up my plants but this time I let them be, many also shed away with heavy rains down the drain...Guess, my reasoning was,  our garden has plenty of thick growth this rainy season so they can feed upon, instead of my trimming the long thick bushes! of course as long as they do no major damage or kill my precious plants. Keeping a check!
Thoughts and Tips for transferring Butterfly Larvae and caterpillars-
1) Identify the plants they are on. Check for sticky leaves with black spots -eggs- and leaves stuck together, these are the cocoons.
2) see the plant leaves being eaten, usually thick growing plants with huge leaves are preferred by Mommy butterfly so that Babies get enough food. Beware, in a single day they can make a plant barren!
3) Usually the eggs are laid in such a away that they are covered by thick foliage and even in very heavy rains the eggs and caterpillars cling to the leaves.
4) Leaves can be carefully trimmed (please wear gloves! I didn't! impatient soul! )  with care for the eggs, larvae and then put in other large pots with big sized foliage plants, so they can feed.
5) Caterpillars can be shifted manually in a tray to large plants.
6) Remember birds love worms! and these may be easily spotted so they become food!of course they are smart enough to hide immediately with transfer.
7) If you have few plants and want to save your plants you can trim the leaves with butterfly eggs and transfer them to a society or common , any other garden that is thick and has huge leaves for the caterpillars to grow.
8) how to identify butterfly eggs-they are blackish spots on leaves and you will notice the same,  mother butterfly, always coming for rounds every day near these plants.
9) Palms, and elongated leaves, large sized leaves, foliage plants, ornamental plants,  and even the Thailand Goodluck cactus plant is loved by them.
I really don't know how many will remain and if they will come up with a new life, but Wishing them All the Best!

Meanwhile on personal front after completing a commissioned painting, took three months, a great collection of Kundalini awakening healing paintings.  and still a few in progress a much needed break to mountains ,fresh air, wilderness and Awesum fog with rains!
Huge Money plant
Plants also grow in any place they reach, this beautiful coconut tree was happily growing among such thick wild trees!
Coconut tree in wilderness
Being an artist and a writer and the exposure to radiation from internet and mobile phones, requires frequent breaks to connect with actual life outside! 
Natural water fall in mountains
Mountains Road trip, Awesum season
 nature and the atmosphere. by just a joy road trip or a few days away helps refresh my mind and my soul!now back to my little space under the sun! with paints , canvasses, plants and my heavenly friends!
Magical Blooms creative expression of my Allamanda flower in a mobile app
Awesum Day from Rizwana!
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