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Thursday, January 26, 2017

How to Grow Exotic Fruit Avocado From seed Fast Growing Tips Party in Your Garden Tips in Inflight Magazine Trujetter Jan Feb 2017

Exotic Avocado! Feeling Awesum!!! never thought this would be possible, I usually only grow exotic flowering plants as after I had to give away my chickoo, cherry and orange trees, and they did not make it in the new ground.... yes we do have a Jamun fruit tree that is small, growing in container.  Avocado that was organically grown, fruit , tastes like coconut flesh, and there are so many dishes that can be made using this exotic fruit Avocado.
Avocado Fruit and Avocado Seed

The seed was totally different, unique, tennis ball sized , large, and thought of trying to plant. On reading about this on Google, yes it is tricky to grow Avocado , so I gave this a try.
Fresh shoot from Avocado Seed

A month and few days there is a shoot coming up from the seed of Avocado. This is a moment of pride to bring the seed to sprout without much care.
Sharing some practical tips to grow Avocado plants from seeds-
Growth in Seed of Avocado

1) After removing the fleshy part of Avocado fruit, collect the seed carefully without damaging it. It is ball sized , slightly oval, not complete round.
2) wash the seed from any remnants of the fruit , otherwise it may be prone to ants  attack,  the seed while you plant it.
3) Notice that there is a covering on the seed, delicately remove the covering peel, this will help the seed to sprout faster.
4) Choose a well draining rich soil, that does not dry faster.
5) Plant the Avocado seed below five to six inches in a plant container. just see that the seed is covered with soil.
6) Too deep planting of Avocado seed will stifle growth and the seed may also not sprout, and get damaged by taking more time to begin growth.
7) It may take more than a month or two, have patience and water carefully, regularly when the top of soil looks dry.
Let the Avocado plant grow happily , later it can be shifted to larger container.

Ten years along with my little space under the sun, pent house apartment, there have been Awesum times , from discussions to snacking and dining under the open sky! and sharing some practical tips for Open Garden parties in the bi monthly in flight magazine trujetter Jan Feb 2017 issue.
No hassles of searching venues every time you wish to hold a get together! Happiness to see my words in print! Check out the inflight magazine Trujetter, the first issue of 2017, Jan Feb 2017.
Garden Party Practical tips Trujetter Jan Feb 2017
Awesum Garden Parties Tips 

My words in print Trujetter Jan Feb 2017

With so many interesting topics, mix of travel, adventure, entertainment, filmy glamour and style!and an interesting topic on Mating behavior of birds! 
Meanwhile another new baby, the baby pigeon took its first flight, I always get so emotional to observe the flattering of wings for days and they just stare at the outside world , as parent struggle to feed it, and we see them grown well but they are darker than parent pigeons and have bigger eyes, and their feet are darker, unlike parent pigeons who have pink feet. then comes the moment of glory, there is so much fear in the eyes of the baby pigeon for its first flight...but once it soars high, it knows, God has given them wings! 
and another egg...I have more bird friend than humans!
garden has set into beautiful  blooms of vibrant Adeniums, Ixora, Petunias, yellow chrysanthemums, yellowish orange Aboli firecracker,  and the snow daisy bush with its white leaves, snow queen.the fragrant Kaamini bush with off white blooms, roses at present are quiet...waiting...
Hope the Avocado grows well, I don't know how well, and when it will fruit, but let me enjoy the moment of glory of growing Avocado from seed!
Brahma Kamal plants are happy on window sill, yet waiting to see the blooms...whenever Lord Brahma wishes to Bless me...
Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Carnations from my Terrace Garden

Palm Leaf , #Awesumclick

Yellow Shevanthi flowers from my Terrace garden

My precious Brahma Kamal plants

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