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Friday, January 27, 2017

Searching for interesting subjects for floral abstracts, take a peep into your garden plants, you will get unlimited interesting inspirations! The possibilities are endless!

Red Amaryllis Flower Close up from my garden
 Interesting and unique subjects for painting floral abstracts.
Creative Digital Expression of my Original Adenium Flower Photo 

Centre of amaryllis close up

Close up of Large Red Amaryllis flower

Center close up of Adenium flower

Center close up of Violet petunia flower

Creative Digital  Expressions of frangipani Champa flowers my garden

close up of China rose flower

Orange Rose from my little space under the sun 

red heavy roses from my garden 

dark pink rose flower Raz
 Searching for interesting subjects for floral abstracts, take a peep into your garden plants, you will get unlimited interesting inspirations! The possibilities are endless!
pink roses garden care simplified
A single flower from its shape, colours, depth, center, petals and surrounding leaves all form great composition and strong subject for floral abstracts. The artist in me loves the garden, as there are so many interesting captures, not a single moment goes by when I do not find some thing interesting to click. So every morning as I enter, there it is, I fond some thing fascinating that draws me towards it! From the sky to the birds to the plant containers, leaves, flowers to the butterflies and moths .  As the chirping sounds begin so also my heavenly friends  come for a dip and look so beautiful fluffy and all happy after the refreshing bath.
Close up red Amaryllis flower

Red canna from my garden 

Sunflower digital creativity from my original click

Red Rose Garden Care Simplified

Blue vase Pink Flowers Cubism 

Beautiful Love Art Printed Throw Pillow 

Awesum Happiness original art  framed print razarts

Flower of Protection art printed Tote bag

Yellow Dragon Bird of Happiness Razarts Fine Art America

Angelic Healing Art Printed Tote

Geometric Happiness Canvas Print

Window of Goodluck Framed Art Print

Zentastic pair Framed Art Print Rizwana Mundewadi
Fascinated with exotic flowers and taking close up shots, it is quiet interesting and meditative, mesmerizing to look deep into the centre of any flower. Be it rose, that is always majestic and fragrant, but also other flowers, each one so different , so unique.
Nature, flower shave been an interesting subject since ancient times and artists, in fact every artist paints flowers at some time or other in their career. For the healing  floral art inspiration went deep into the core of flowers, observed them since years, took loads of clicks and WOW each flower is unique, even if they are from the same plant. You also get to see interesting colour combinations and unique patterns in each flower close up.  It is very healing to observe flowers and get inspiration from them to make floral art and healing paintings.
Close up of red rose flower
Whenever you feel stressed or tired just look deep into the center of a rose, you will find your brain relaxing and pulse stabilizing and there will be a surge of fresh energy, soothing. Try it , it works!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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