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Pigeons care and feedings

Pigeons have been a very common bird after the humble crow in our garden . We have a bird bath where pigeons come to bathe and drink water and it is a very beautiful sight when they flap open their wings and jump into the bird bath and enjoy the cool dip. A friend had these baby pigeons and the mother had laid eggs on just a curtain. the window it is understood was kept closed for many months and as a result the mommy pigeon had laid eggs and the beautiful delicate babies were enjoying their early years of life.Pigeons I have noticed have now adapted to our urban life style and can eat many cooked food along with grains and seeds.
They eat cooked rice and love pulao and fried rice. Dried rice and bread crumbs are also their favourite along with poha, upma, idli. I do not know what effect it will have on their nutritional diet requirements but my husband surely says these birds will become obese and as they are staying in towers in terrace flat they do not even need to move to get foo…

Rare Flowering of Sanseviera Cylindrica Plant

The excitement is without bounds as I experience the fragrant flowers opening on this cactus plant.I did not know whether this cactus will ever bloom as I had seen this plant at many places growing for years in the same way. The white stem came up which is at least 12 to 15 inches tall and as the plant grows in fan shape this stem was easily noticed as tall and light brown colour as compared to the dark green of the sansevieri cylindrica plant.

The cactus plant took many days in fact more than a month to form this stem and with tiny buds and lots of expectations one evening I could feel the fragrance of the tiny white flowers and immediately I knew the flowers had bloomed and each layer of flowers opening in circular fashion look very heavenly and attractive.

Tips for flowering of  sansevieria cylindrica- The plant grows into tall shoots which are shaded dark green in colour. This cactus needs only partial sunlight and in our terrace garden it received evening sunlight only. Fertilizer …

The Flowering of the Champa Plant in Container/ Flowering of Frangipani Plant in Container


 Finally the champa plant, one of my favourites and since childhood, has given beautiful fragrant flowers. The majestic stem has a bunch of buds which open side by side and some flowers have opened soon where as some are still in bud form. Growing the champa plant in container was challenge and many people were against trying this and still soem believed that the plant will not flower.
But this has shwn that love,care and patience gives us great results. I have been blessed with this heavy laden champa stem which has so many flowers.

The fragrance is just out of this world and no wonder this flower is world famous for its heavenly fragrance. the frangipani flowers have been used since ages in perfumes and air fresheners. And the dropped flowers were used in our living room. I did put the yellow champa flowers in water and the whole room would become fragrant when windows were closed during night. The flowers turn brown in water and though they last for many days the fragrance …

Enjoy the Fragrant garden- Tips for Best Roses

The fragrant garden is at its best now and I am enjoying the colour as well as heavenly fragrance here, especially in the early mornings and late evenings.
 When you plant a rose garden it is but obvious that you must spend some time regularly in your fragrant garden.

This year we are enjoying the best rose bloom

Petunias an Inspiration for Abstract Painting

Being a gardener has many other blessing and one of them is to get new inspiration every day for painting. Nature has been an inspiration for many artists and people travel far and long to be near nature. we are the chosen few who are blessed with a terrace garden, the area may be small but the possibilities are unlimited!  I have always loved colourful petunia flowers and as they bring instant colour in your garden and your life, trust me, they have also been as an inspiration for new paintings. We see so many colours and textures in nature and gardening has brought a new angle to my paintings. With some floral paintings coming up along side my healing symbolic paintings I think I will have to try hard not to fall into the genre of nature drawing and painting.

The sheer size of the petunia flowers is very appealing and it can bring colour and enhance the aesthetics of your garden. With putting my hands in soil and paints I think I am more near nature and less among humans. The inspirat…