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Lust for Growth, reading Robin Sharma The Greatness Guide

Heavy rains lashing the  city, continous down pour for few days,  and this is the time when I read, a  (compulsory)  break from painting, I love rains, they bring out the best in me. so bought   a few motivational books, adding to my book collections, and am reading Robin Sharma's book,  The Greatness Guide couldnt help but share, lovely inspirational words.
"Growth is the only evidence of life"  growth matters words from John Henry Newman. Growth , thats why we are here, to grow to expand through the work we do. don't just live your life, its  what makes us feel fulfilled, growth energizes us , even when its uncomfortable, we are happiest when we are growing.
so why feel anything different about bad experiences, they shaped us, gave us direction, those people who most hurt us are the real teacher sin our life. honour them.
"you can accomplish anything in life, provided that you do not mind who gets credit" Harry truman.
leave your ego at the front door …

Yellow Colored Flowers Plants and Symbolism of Yellow in Art and Feng Shui

Rains the blue sky has become a rarity nowadays. With cloudy atmosphere and gloomy  air, the continuous down pour the garden is still bright and cheery with the welcoming yellow colored flowers.

A symbol of friendship the yellow rose is most sought after on Friendships day. Yellow color symbolism in feng shui is this color represents the centre of the ba gua, the feng shui map of guidelines, the earth.
yellow color  on walls in the centre of your home or any artefact with yellow color  helps too bring in stability and grounding energy to your home and family.

Garden Route Garden Pathways Feng Shui Garden Entrance

Garden route, garden pathways are as important as  the garden itself.
Garden route leads us tot he garden and as any viewer enters the garden pathway it has to be inviting and colorful, a peek into what is going to come ahead.This is one aspect which I have never  dwelled upon for my terrace garden  and will look into this by making great entrance for the garden.As the garden over flows with color and greens the pathway is so boring and simple.
Pathways  are very important for the feng shui of your garden. Entrance is the mouth to your garden and it has to be clutter free and inviting. Storing dead plants, old broken containers with dead plants near the garden entrance is a common feature and spoils the feng shui of your garden. Pathways have to be in curved form as in feng shui masters believe ghosts travel in straight lines hence we  see most structures and roads having curved pathways.
Entrance garden route has to be inviting but not over powering. Tall plants are no no here. A cl…

Garden Care Tips How to Enjoy the Rains During Rainy Season with Right Garden Awnings Garden Furniture

Water , life giving, soothing , flowing, trickling and splashing, rains are the best season.Garden care during rains as we welcome the first showers this begins another hassle to  bring  all the wooden furniture indoors as it will get spoiled in rains. The garden awnings have to be set in place as also the garden fence and grills needs repainting before rains to protect it from rusting.
garden furniture is a important part of your garden and as we love to plant flowering colorful plants we also need to sit and enjoy the effort by having comfortable all seasons garden furniture.
Wood though a best element in feng shui, the most comfortable seating furniture , in the outside sun and water exposure we need to have metal or plastic garden furniture to enjoy the time out int he garden.
Stone seats and painted colorful seats for garden furniture have become very popular due to their all seasons use and no maintenance except for coloring after few years.Cement concrete can also be  moulded i…

How about having commissioned artwork orders from art gallery sites

Online art galleries,each trying to find a niche, was wondering how good it would be for artists as well as  galleries to make a connection between buyers and sellers, having  commission orders for each style, work, theme or color or artists work,  of art they love.
Buyers could just come to the website and put their order and the gallery could put forward similar working style artists or themes on art , like I saw on a music website  where people requested  singers and band players to perfom at their functions on given date and venue and the interested bands would answer and contact them.  the google style! (how google starts showing similar search items suggestions without us completing the sentences!)
so much time and effort saved, as the more buyers see art the more they get confused. .just a thought..

While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as   I continue to paint healing art...
I wish too make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.