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Friday, June 7, 2013

Garden Route Garden Pathways Feng Shui Garden Entrance

Concrete Pathway

Natural garden Arch Entrance

Garden route, garden pathways are as important as  the garden itself.
Garden route leads us tot he garden and as any viewer enters the garden pathway it has to be inviting and colorful, a peek into what is going to come ahead.This is one aspect which I have never  dwelled upon for my terrace garden  and will look into this by making great entrance for the garden.As the garden over flows with color and greens the pathway is so boring and simple.
Pathways  are very important for the feng shui of your garden. Entrance is the mouth to your garden and it has to be clutter free and inviting. Storing dead plants, old broken containers with dead plants near the garden entrance is a common feature and spoils the feng shui of your garden. Pathways have to be in curved form as in feng shui masters believe ghosts travel in straight lines hence we  see most structures and roads having curved pathways.
Entrance garden route has to be inviting but not over powering. Tall plants are no no here. A clean trimmed colorful floral border is quite inviting. Behind the hedge border you may have tall trees or plants. pathway has to be clear off tall over grown plants as this repels people from entering the garden.
Fan shaped Huge Plant in garden
Garden routes can be made of gravel stones , cement blocks, tile chips in patterns, colored stones tiles, floor tiles or natural rock stone tiles for the rugged natural look  of the forest. Many gardens also have fences, trellises over the gate covered with climbers and creepers of colorful flowers or roses, looks quite good.
Central Arrangement of Plants Border in Garden with Grass

Stone Pathway for Garden with Flower Border

Pathway to your garden has to have all seasons plants that do not require much care and trimmings as the pathway to keep it in shape, flowering plants there will either be dried most of the months in year or  need regular fertilizing and care in case of seasonal flowering plants. A combination of seasonal flowering plants and foliage colored greens works best for the all year fresh look.
People also prefer to have natural soil pathway which is also very good as it connects our soles to direct soil, but during rains the soil flows around and messes the whole pathway becomes soggy. Placing concrete blocks as borders for the garden and soil mud on pathway for large gardens also looks great for the forest look  (except for the rains,) and usually rocks stones are placed at intervals for footholds.
In case of big garden paths have to be made connecting routes to other parts of your garden and these roads paths can be made attractive by adding rocks,   water fountains and sculptures, garden elements, garden seats, in between as focal points.
Garden routes need to be in proper condition as in rains the path may become slippery with slime and moss growth. Stones and concrete pathways look and work best for any garden  as also the beautiful wonders   of nature in small tiny shoots of flowering plants or grass  that come out of the tiny cracks of concrete block, amazing!
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  1. did not pay much attention on the garden path , but it sure is very important


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