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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Garden Care Tips How to Enjoy the Rains During Rainy Season with Right Garden Awnings Garden Furniture

Water , life giving, soothing , flowing, trickling and splashing, rains are the best season.Garden care during rains as we welcome the first showers this begins another hassle to  bring  all the wooden furniture indoors as it will get spoiled in rains. The garden awnings have to be set in place as also the garden fence and grills needs repainting before rains to protect it from rusting.
garden furniture is a important part of your garden and as we love to plant flowering colorful plants we also need to sit and enjoy the effort by having comfortable all seasons garden furniture.
Wood though a best element in feng shui, the most comfortable seating furniture , in the outside sun and water exposure we need to have metal or plastic garden furniture to enjoy the time out int he garden.
Stone seats and painted colorful seats for garden furniture have become very popular due to their all seasons use and no maintenance except for coloring after few years.Cement concrete can also be  moulded into platforms with granite stone and different shaped seats that look really pretty and are tough with no maintenance for the rains and even harsh summers. Why even natural rocks, finished from edges,  look great when placed  in the garden and also add up as seating area.
The best investment in garden furniture would be to go in for all seasons furniture that can wear and bear the hot sun as well as rains. Latest furniture is available that is very fancy, I love  the crystal plastic furniture, very attractive styles and patterned chairs and seats,  that sparkles like glass, but this has to be moved  during hot summers as the harsh sun rays affect plastic and this becomes brittle and cracks.
Garden awnings have to be made of tough  material to bear the strong winds and rains. The purpose of awnings is to shelter the plants from direct sunlight and harsh rains. Awnings are available in different materials and also lovely patterns and colors according to your budget.

Waterproof your garden and garden walls with paint and water proofing before the rains to avoid leakages and  cracks into your home, this happens with open terraces along with houses always and need extra care due to over exposure of water, sunlight and wind.

Small plant containers have to be moved in shaded areas to avoid over watering due to rains, unexpected new plants, forgotten plants whose seeds are dormant, so many new sprouts , a welcoming sight during rains, I love the washed feel , cleaned sparkling effect of the garden in rains. With garden furniture in place can enjoy the rains , closest to nature, direct from the sky, and all set to   enjoy the down pour!
All the Best!


  1. as all the furniture has been indoor for a while, must get some water proof garden furniture for the next season

  2. Thanks for this beautiful post. I have been using outdoor plastic furniture in my garden area from long back and if it left unattended in rain, it does not get rusted or cracked.

  3. Hello Mohit, Welcome to Garden Care Simplified! yes plastic furniture is great and does not require much care, but good quality ones a slow quality cheap furniture cracks soon.Thank you for coming by!

  4. Hey buddies, such a marvelous blog you have made I’m surprised to read such informative stuff.The Tree Center

  5. Thank you very much Mitcheal Clerk for liking my blog, for liking and encouraging comment, All the Best from Rizwana!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Thanks Emma Wilson for coming by Garden Care Simplified!


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