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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Yellow Colored Flowers Plants and Symbolism of Yellow in Art and Feng Shui

Blue Sky
Rains the blue sky has become a rarity nowadays. With cloudy atmosphere and gloomy  air, the continuous down pour the garden is still bright and cheery with the welcoming yellow colored flowers.

Natural Art Blue Sky Photo by Mrs rizwana A.Mundewadi

Cloudy Sky the first rains of 2013

First Clouds of 2013 Rainy Season Picture right from the sky

Movements in clouds sky picture

Champa Flowering Plant and Pink kaner backdrop of the sky

Yellow Canna Flower

Small Chinese Rose Yellow Orange Flower

Soothing Yellow Hibiscus Flower

Cheery Yellow Bright Colored Hibiscus

Chrome Yellow Canna Flower

Bird of paradise Flower in Yellow and Purple Color

Fragrant Yellow Bunches of Lantana flowers

Symbol of Friendship The Yellow Rose Flower
A symbol of friendship the yellow rose is most sought after on Friendships day. Yellow color symbolism in feng shui is this color represents the centre of the ba gua, the feng shui map of guidelines, the earth.
yellow color  on walls in the centre of your home or any artefact with yellow color  helps too bring in stability and grounding energy to your home and family.
Abstract Symbolic painting Gulmohar flowers

Orange Chrysanthemums Floral painting by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
This yellow color is used in color and healing therapy to heal stomach and heart problems as well as the sexual chakra problems. In reiki healing the yellow color is used to heal the second and third chakra from base root chakra for grounding and stability. Wearing  yellow clothes helps to uplift the mood and since yellow is a cheery color also brightens the environment if walls are painted yellow.
Yellow rooms are quite famous to make a personalized statement in interior decoration. And as people used to shy away from this yellow some years back, calling it too bold, now  people are going out of the way to have at least one room painted yellow! childrens rooms look quite good, but choose a correct shade and hue of yellow  for the right look. Daffodil yellow, lime yellow and cheery  chrome yellow all look good and gold yellow highlights as in wall papers or textured walls also rule the decor world!
The garden always has a yellow as of now in the heavy rains the day lily upright with bold yellow is the centre of attention. Meanwhile the red champa flowers are also blooming best with the mogra plant that is giving bunches of fragrant  healthy blooms, next post.
Thank You!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art


  1. But plant spa is when I take the trouble to bring more plants in for the benefit of humidity. flowering trees

  2. Tree Nursery online is a great site, and lots of variety of plants for sale, thanks Thomas for this helpful link.


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