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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Five Reasons Why Your Newly Planted Plant Died, 5 practical tips to save newly planted plants

Newly planted, yes with hope, happiness, excitement and planning to see some great awesum blooms, but within a few hours or a day the newly planted plant dies! So many queries I get that the newly planted plant has droopy leaves after a day of planting, or the sapling looks sick, the new plant does not give out any change or even that the plant suddenly died with no reason What so ever!
Why does a newly planted plant die?
The obsession , though there is hardly any space left, but still a  few more squeezed in the addition of my precious extended family! With my obsession of plants it is most  of the time that I have this compulsion to buy new plants. Actually they are squeezed in my little space under the sun but they love me and bless me with awesum blooms.
Newly Planted Exotic!

Plant with white leaves tiny yellow flowers

Ribbon Grass

Beautiful ribbon Grass Close up

Petunia flowers fluorescent pink

Awesum fluorescent pink petunia bllooms
Happened with me so many times over the years , of gardening and container planting.With so much control on this buying and a gap of few months thinking of focussing on bigger container plants that are giving great blooms like the Allamanda, champa and of course my roses and mogra plants still have  added a few new ones recently with the onset of rains.
Why does a newly planted plant die?
1) Not taking well to the new environment and climate, too hot sun  or too much shade.
2) Container soil not well draining, clogged soil naturally kills as they rot the roots. watering is one of the main causes of newly plant deaths.Too much or too little.
3)Ants pests or any external bugs that immediately start eating the leaves and the plant goes into distress.
4) too large container, this has happened many times. A small sapling when put into a very huge  pot of soil usually dies, Maybe it is because it has to be shifted gradually from one size bigger container, step by step.
5) Evil eye, or some ones touch can kill a precious exotic plant within few hours.
A simple step while planting a new bought plant, communication helps, intentions helps, your love and trust helps. I have seen plants on verge of death coming up springing to life by love and care, just observe , they communicate their needs. And don't be scared to try out something different with your plants, I have also experienced that something new/ common sense works, I never leave them to die, try to save them, as it is lastly they may die if you abandon them, so what is the harm in trying, repot them, trim them, change places , try!   All the Best from Rizwana!
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  1. What ever reasons you mentioned are so true. I could not stop musing over point 5 which says evil eye. I sometimes talk to the plants and hope they thrive well.

  2. Oh yes Vasudha, these are heartfelt ones and have lost so many till I did not accept these reasons. By the way, Thanks a Lot for coming by Garden Care Simplified! God Bless from Rizwana!

  3. Hi, may i know what's the name of the plant in your first two pictures? Thanks in advance!

    1. hi , The plant is Yellow Mussaenda, tiny yellow flowers with white bracts like leaves surrounding this.


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