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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Terrace Container gardening Biggest Risk!

Terrace Container gardening Biggest Risk! is in rains. While our terrace garden is at its best with the blessings pouring directly form heaven the down pour last week has brought up many new plants and the ones that were growing have been upright with new energy and blooms.
A major risk with containers on terrace, we saw a big container from the neighbor terrace garden go thud! down from the top below! so many floors, a biggest hazard very very dangerous that a large container can kill anyone!and it fell directly on a parked car and the damages were heavy. But we thanked God that no life was lost, and thinking of this still gives me goose to what more could have thank God, now they have made a grill but the others continue to put heavy containers lining the terrace wall and still do not accept that nature can be unpredictable, especially during monsoons.
A corner of my little space under the sun
Then it can also happen that the plant containers fall inside, again risking small children and pets at home.
The first thing we did years back when we shifted here, to begin a terrace container garden was to line the terrace wall with grill and support. The containers do not directly face the outside and still it has become a ritual to always take extra care to tie each containers as well as plants to the grill so that they do not move with the heavy downpour and gusty winds during the monsoons. More so we always have strong breeze and  winds blowing every evening so this safety measure is really required and needs a thought.
Yes gardening is a passion and growing plants is one love that people keep on and it just remains only for buying and caring for plants. But terrace gardening has a lot more thought and planning to it than just planting flowering plants and growing them healthy. Safety is one of the most important factors too when beginning a terrace container garden. Strange for a few bucks people never think of what can happen if any plant container fell from the terrace..especially when tall plants grown in large sized containers..
some practical  safety tips for terrace garden from my side-
1) Before beginning a terrace garden lining the wall with a metal grill or concrete partition is a must.
2) Always choose container sizes appropriately. very large containers can crack the terrace wall. Best to keep them on your terrace floor, ground.
3) Observe the direction of the winds. Do not place in way of strong winds, the plants will not grow healthy and leaves are hit by continuous blast of winds and also there is more risk of the containers falling.
4) Watering plants on terrace wall pots is also to be taken acre off as daily watering will loosen out the base material and the terrace lining wall may crack. Also if big trees are planted they may send off roots from below again leading to crack in your terrace garden wall.
5) Choose plants and containers size in not more than the grill or border wall height. Taller plants and big sized containers have more risk of falling with external pressures from rain and winds.
6) Most important , tie them with strong twines. always, not just for rainy season. Containers as well as plants, they grow well when they feel secure and safe.
7) Do not tie them so tight that they are hurt, leave space for growth. Tie major thick branches to support.
8) Always check for broken and cracked pots and containers , they are at more risk of falling during rains from your terrace garden.
All this has come with over the years with terrace gardening, and yes the first year with terrace container gardening, our plants were a few old and few new, very small pots, and of course way less in numbers!!!!I saw a plant come thud inside( as we already had installed grill walls all over so no chance of falling outside)  on our terrace floor during heavy rains and winds, it broke into pieces, the plant may have faced a trauma..., shock...I tied all the containers in the heavy down pour immediately then... keeping the priority of safety of my precious ones...,  saved it by replanting it, but the lesson, I will never forget!
Please do consider safety measures and important precautions before beginning a terrace container garden or if you have one, do take care to make your terrace garden safe!
The garden is fresh and green, the Allamanda plant has grown quite large in spite of trimming it before monsoon and is giving so many blooms that I just cant trim it now. Roses are growing awesumly so also the fragrant juhi has begun to bloom, the buds open in evenings and the fragrances are so breathtakingly heavenly mixing with the rain water and wet soil smells.
Goldie love bird after surgery

Goldie love bird when she was sick

The beautiful sun set from my terrace garden

Mogra this year has been an abundant one , I think the most bloomed one, with , I have lost count of so many times it bloomed in hundreds of white fragrant flowers, this is the same sick one we had bought years back!
Goldie our budgie love bird is fine after two surgeries from near her eye boil but lately once a week she has convulsions.fits... I dont know, but she is a survivor, still I take care to check even during nights and feed her by hand sometimes , but she is growing old... can see from her skin and hair...I also put food on the ground of their home as she was sick so that she can eat easily.But the two others are so bold and always birdie is on, the chatter box!only quiet when he sleeps!
Spending time after convulsion with My Goldie love bird
Time out and playing with them and leaving them out in the controlled environment is a must for their health and growth.This beginning rains they played on the clothes line stand. When they look bored and quiet I give them some creative challenge and again there is sparkle in their eyes!missing blue bird whom we lost....
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Hope this helps, All the Best from Rizwana!
Old Garden Photograph Awesum Google
"Gardens are not made by singing 'Oh, how beautiful,' and sitting in the shade. Rudyard Kipling
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