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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cordylines losing color and why is your Cordyline plant not growing Red Leaves

Cordylines, most beautiful elongated leaves in vibrant shades of red are the most commonest and most loved as they have an awesum color that breaks the design of green in your landscaped garden greens and provides great view.
 Cordylines come in many colors and shaded leaves. C Australis, most commonly grown every where, is the hardiest. Central growth in circular fashion growing tall like a purple tower. Red , creams, purple, burgundy, black striped leaves look really Awesum.
Cordylines is a genus with about 15 species of monocotyledonous plants family Asparagaceae, sub family Lomadroideae. The scientific name is Cordyline.
The name Cordyline comes from a Greek word Kordyle means "club" referring to the club shaped base, underground stem or rhizomes.
The plant is very easy to grow and each tall plant gives out small babies from sides that can grow along the mother plant or if planted in other pot give out a fresh new plant.
I really like the shaped varieties that are green with light cream lines as well as vibrant reds are always welcome highlight amongst greens.
Many times people buy these Cordylien plants looking at their attractive colors but once at home these lose color and some times they go to producing green leaves. The plant looks different altogether from what you have bought.
Why do cordylines lose color? I have experienced this over so many years, ours is nearly ten years old and has been producing babies all along which many I had to finally give away as they grow so tall and even sprout forms ides giving
Beautiful Red Cordyline buds Stalk
it a look like a big red tree.
The flowers  are amazingly unique light pink delicate ones on a single stalk, buds on the stalk look like red balls.
The Cordyline plants though very easy and carefree plants grow happily in any areas. Shaded or full sunlight. The amount of sunlight your plant receives shows on the color of the leaves it gives out.
Ours has moved a lot from one place to another in our terrace garden till it is happy under direct sunlight as well as the other in partial shaded area.I see the growth pattern difference. The flowering also is affected. Partial sunlight and some hours shade is great to get red leaves.
The plant gives green leaves when it has  very less sunlight and the size of the leaves also grows smaller. Very strong sunlight too produces a not so good shade of red. the most vibrant red comes from the best place that has partial sunlight and some morning or evening direct sunlight.
Change places of the pots  if your plants are not giving red leaves and am sure they will get back to giving out Awesum Reds!
Have an Awesum Day from Rizwana!

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