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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fully Bloomed Brahma Kamal Flower Blooming from our Awesum Reader Kishore Reddy Thank you!

"Fully bloomed this time" as he mentioned, with happiness and excitement, the auspicious flower has been blooming in his home for many years.
In his words,
"Am glad I came to know about that precious flower. I planted this at my garden about four years back. Since then, I have been seeing more than 10 flowers every years. First flower starts around may and blooming lasts till September end. Some times more than two flowers for one leaf. The plant never grown so big. It is with a total of 15 to 20 leaves.
Brahma Kamal Flower blooming

Brahma Kamal Auspicious flower full blooming
Fully Bloomed Brahma Kamal flower
Auspicious Brahma Kamal flower
Close up of Brahma Kamal flower
Brahma Kamal Flower Photograph

For the first time yesterday it actually bloomed to the max where white petals were bent back to give a visual as bramha being coming out in between petals. Awesome view.
I am Kishore from Bangalore"
Thank you so much Kishore Reddy for sharing your happiness with me and my precious readers of Garden Care Simplified!
The flower is so auspicious and has such a beautiful precious way of blooming, as if Brahma himself appears! God Bless from Rizwana!
Meanwhile the plant still eludes me the happiness so I have painted another one large canvas, all my dream wish list of exotic blooms! connect on face book, Twitter and Google+
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  1. Hey kishore,
    What care did you take for your plant?like how much sunlight?watering?
    Did you repot your plant anytime?

  2. Anonymous me too still trying for the blooms and searching for the caring and flowering tips..hope kishore can guide us

  3. The Himalayan sages say that The true Brahma Kamal never blooms at altitude less han 10,000 ft.may be it is a different variety. But it is astoundingly beautiful, no doubt. thanks.

  4. Yes I know Bijou Das this is a night blooming cactus which here in India we all commonly call Brahma Kamal.But people love this plant and it sure feels special to see these Awesum blooms! Have a Great Day from Rizwana!


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