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Friday, July 24, 2015

Awnings Material Selection Guide How to Choose Awning materials for home and garden

Awnings are a basic necessity now especially with the heavy down pours and welcoming monsoons! Not only does the  water come inside our home but it also is dangerous as the floor of the garden becomes slippery with continuous flowing water. While I  so love my little space  under the sun and so do my plants for this time of the year a partial awning is absolute necessity. So while we call an installation personnel he is so shocked by the strong winds and heavy down pour in high rises ,  above floors. While we focus on design and colors of attractive awning materials, cost,  the practical reality is something else, and costly awning  is not always good, So just  wanted to share what we learned!How to Choose Awning and Awning materials for home and garden-1) Awning  Materials has to be thick and water proof.2) Choosing darker  colors helps as it will fade with sun light.3) Installation of fold able awnings has steel or metal parts that may rust fast  if you live near water lake or the sea!4) Awning materials is so so loved by rats! so if your area has rats, your awnings are tasty food! and you and up with nibbled edges or a big hole in your shade! 5) Foldable Awnings once installed also need maintenance so you have these costs in mind.6) Awnings are great not only for monsoons but also for protection from strong sun light and UV rays.

Awnings Material Selection Guide 
 A good reputed company awning material come costly and even installation charges vary  from company to company and the material you select. Juts remember that once installed it is not for lifetime, but a good quality one sure lasts longer than cheaper variety.
How to Choose Awning materials for home and garden
Meanwhile  at my front the obsession has still continued even though our roses, cannas amaryllises and mogra are in fully loaded mode,  and have added a beautiful yellow blooming plant and Anant , as we have lost our precious one  this year in winters.
Allamanda Huge flower

Red Pink White Clusters in Majestic Happiness

The Humble Heavy large roses have drooped with heavy downpour rains
And the artist , the restless soul this down pour and gloomy atmosphere, rains bring out the best in me! trying some photo fun with editor!
My original photo of Allamanda  flower some creative photo fun

My Birdie photo , green one, showed him, is so happy to see himself purple and pink!
Have an Awesum Time, Happy Monsoons from Rizwana!

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