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Friday, June 17, 2011

Rains and the Beautiful Amaryllis Flower

The bulb of Amaryllis plant has given plenty blooms and what a beauty to watch the new bud opening in the rainy season. This is a very attractive flowering plant which is grown from bulbs. Iam sure the size of the flower does command attention and is the highlight in the garden. Having got this as  a gift I was new to bulbs and this took a long time to bloom.

Close up of red amaryllis flower

I had planted this bulb in a plastic tub and this started multiplying like hell! within few months I had many little bulbs and no doubt it did not flower then. I had to leave this bulb many times outside of the pot, just in case it continues to multiply. But since I have planted it in a mud pot it gives flowers every six months. This post is  especially  dedicated to the new growth of the blooms.
Tip: Keep it in a small pot. If you give it more space it will start multiplying and all the energy of the plant will go in developing leaves. It likes to be root bound. Less water, partially shaded area but one that gets sunlight for some time of the day.

Red Amaryllis Flowers at Night

Close up of Red Amarlyyis Flower

Red Amaryllis Flower Close up of inner parts of Flower

The Center of Amaryllis Flower

Opening of Red Amaryllis Flower Bud

New Bud of Red Amaryllis Flower

Excellent photos of  red amaryllis flower, I love this!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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