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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bougainvellias around the globe names Symbolism and simple practical bougainvillea designing and growing tips Indoor and Outdoors

A Tribute to an awesum plant Bougainvellia! For the one that has tolerated my whims and fancies and still stays with us giving us loads of vibrant blooms( I have trimmed them, cut and thrown so many , got real angry with the thorns, after feng shui reading wanted to remove all,  and still kept one stub of a stem that is so caring , it still loves me! And am planning to add some lovely colors this season!)
Vibrant Pink Bougainvilleas
Lilac Purple Bougainvilleas in a Plant Exhibition
A native to Brazil and South America. Heart shaped leaves of bougainvillea fascinating awesum colors brilliance and glow. From shocking pinks magentas lilacs to peach to mango colored we see these beautiful plants all over the world. They are very strong, resistant and forgiving plants! can tolerate most of the climates and bloom all year round.  The bracts are colorful paper thin and inside we see a tiny tubular off white or white flower.
The name bougainvellia is a tribute to Admiral Louis Antoine de Bougainvella, a Frenchman, as he was the captain of the ship that travelled around the globe as an explorer in 1768 in Brazil. ( It was first noticed by Jeanne Bare’ a woman, expert in botany. Discovered by Philbert Commerson 1768. Also know as Buganvilla in Spain, bugambilia in Mexico, Veranera in  Columbia Costa Rica, Napoleon in Honduras, trinitaria in Columbia Peurto Rico, Santa Rita in Argentina, Papellilo Northern Peru (Wikepedia). Malaysians call it bunga kekwa or paper flower. Due to the thorns it also has got a nick name devil flower, pua kepalo, in Hawai.
The name of this genus has gone immense changes and finally crowned as Bougainvellia. National flower of the Carribbean nation of Granada and the United States Territory of Guam. Also an official flower of many countries in Malaysia and Taiwan. In United States this is a floral symbol of Three California cities Camerillo , Laguna Niguel, San Clementi.
In Hawai it is strung into garlands, Leis, traditional floral garlands and is a great symbol for welcome. The city of Darwin hosted for many years  a Bougainville festival every year, Darwin Festival,  for this awesome colorful blooming plant. The Bougainvillea society of India too sponsors an annual festival.
Bougainvellia is influenced by the Scorpio Zodiac sign. National flower of Lienchiang country.  
The plant is tough and can tolerate snow cold climates as well as hot ones. Even near sea shores and salt water it can grow happily. What more they look awesum even as bonsai plants with vibrant blooms and growing happily in hanging baskets.  What we see today are mostly hybrids of the originals and we see a lot of multi colored, shade and unique bougainvillea plants. More than 300 over species the plant is often selected for its attractive vibrant all year round blooms.
Just like they grow outdoors happily these awesum ones can enjoy indoor too. With the lovely blooms even growing with bonsai techniques these plants burst into colorful blooms. A thick stem of bougainvillea with some branches can be grown in a container indoors with indirect sunlight. The plant grows as vines or climbers and are great as fences, patios and garden wall covers.
Now for some practical tips for bougainvillea’s growing an displaying-
When they love you they immensely love you! So I had planted them in a big container and they just kept blessing me with loads and loads of stems and blooms.
1) Trimming is an important part of this thorny vine and a difficult one too. Wear gloves and thick clothes full sleeves, to avoid scratches from thorns.
2) Place them carefully. Containers must be away from eye level, that is not in traffic areas where people can get hurt by brushing up against the thorny climbers.
3) Over watering is one problem, they may not like it. Plant leaves are loved by pests and birds sometimes gorge on it leaving the plant barren but still the awesum one gives out blooms!
4) Tie it carefully, they just don’t have any discipline! Each stem bursts into plenty and plenty of branches, any how,  so they need to be shaped and directed in a beautiful manner.
5) Very very good for protection from animals. Thorns do come handy. Fences and garden walls covered with vibrant blooms add up to beauty and act as protection symbols. And privacy from inquisitive neighbors!
6) Growing bonsai with bougainvillea, thick stem with small branches. Keep it on side of table or choose a corner not frequently used so they can grow happily and you can enjoy the beauty of the blooms.
 7) Higher level growing with bougainvillea’s is also good, like hanging baskets that do not come in between traffic areas where you walk.
8) If the plant grows profusely and does not flower, trim them and add fertilizer. Otherwise most are happy in their own and give out all year round blooms.
9) Some species or varieties of Bougainvillea’s are more stronger than other colors. Shocking fuchsia and pinks and great tough ones, practically experienced.
10) In feng shui thorny plants are to be avoided, but the awesum tempting blooms are just too much to do away with. Grow them safely at higher level or areas which can be seen by far, corners, window sills,  so that no one feels shar energy from them. Only happiness!

With the hot summers these awesum blooms are every where enjoying the majestic beauty and adding up beauty and grace to every space they are grown in. 
Meanwhile a lot happening under the sun! Our Gulmohar/ flame of the forest  that was quiet for months has given out so many buds!!!!! Immense Happiness!!!and Allamanda has given out huge reddish maroon blooms!
Allamanda Flowers Large sized blooms
Fresh buds on Gulmohar / Flame of the forest tree in Container

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