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Friday, April 24, 2015

Green Peppers Capsicum Plant Photos and Tips Shared by an Awesum Reader Charmi Vora

The capsicum with its beautiful  shape, commonly called Bell Peppers is a beautiful fruit that is very good for health and heart. peppers it seems alleviate hormones that are required to boost immunity and fight diseases. Peppers, Jalapeno, Chilli, Capsicum that finds a prominent place as toppings on our pizzas!
While some refer it as herb, some vegetable and some fruit it is one thing which sometimes people complain they are difficult to digest. Great for high cholesterol and heart patients as it improves blood circulation as mentioned by many qualified the peppers sure have different levels of chill factors.
The fruit of capsicum contains a capsaicin, a chemical factor that helps in reducing pain.
Also good for peptic ulcers and also has many beneficial properties in improving skin, hair, and over all immunity. Excellent sources of vitamin C they boost hair growth and give healthy hair. And are also believed to relive from pre menstrual stress and bloating. As a laxative helps for those suffering from constipation.
The beautiful green bell peppers are the commonest ones we see here from the others that are red, yellow, purple and black. The more deeper and stronger the color in your fruit the more anti oxidant properties it has. Some people may be sensitive to peppers  who have acidity  and their body may react in different ways like bloating, stomach pains and this can be counter acted by adding any other vegetable or dals with capsicum, tried this, it works!
Now Over to Charmi Vora and her awesum Bell Peppers!
Capsicum Plant shared by Charmi Vora our reader of Garden Care Simplified

Bell Pepper plant Photo shared by a Blog Lover of Garden Care Simplified Charmi Vora
I planted the seeds of capsicum nearly end of took 2 to 3 months to grow completely and  by mid march it started giving chillies..i used soil mixed some fertilizers (cowdung) i watered it alternate days...also i used growth regulator Named Planofix it keeps germs away and increases the growth..after 1 month it needs support of a stick or sumthing...good amount of morning sun rays...and its done :)
Thank you so much dear Charmi Vora! for sharing this beautiful moments of happiness with our readers of Garden  Care Simplified!
Capsicum Bell peppers Growing Tips- (personal experiences are I really find it difficult to grow any plant from seeds except for some flowering ones! our birds guests do love the new baby plants!) 
1) Growing from seeds from own vegetable left over cuttings ,dry them and keep them under sun before planting, this gives faster sprouts and growth.
2) Water with care, sprinkling delicately, the new shoots grow lanky and die off with over watering.
3) Fungus, white under the leaves,  is one thing that attacks faster in wet cloggy soil.
4) Too much sunlight burns the fruits as well as the plant leaves. 
5) Protect your fruits from birds and pets, as this is spicy may trigger watery eyes and mouth.
6) Some flowers may drop off on their own and that may be Ok as the plant can focus on giving large sized peppers. 
So I have tried growing different types of chillies, red, green and was easy but capsicum, must try!
Thank you Charmi for this beautiful share! Do share your experiences of growing capsicum bell peppers, if you loved it or what problems you had in growing these awesum ones, Thank you!
God Bless from Rizwana!

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