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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Important Practical Tips to make Great Fertilizer Feed at Home Growing orchid flowers struggle and Some Great symbolism of pigeons laying eggs Heaven luck in our Garden

Great heaven luck ,welcoming some new energy in our garden with loads of happiness! The Gulmohar tree , one with us since past seven years and has given so many vibrant vermilion colored blooms was so very quite this season..
Gulmohar Tree Sprouting new leaves
and then as spring came I took the bold step , with heavy heart, to trim some of its branches, actually preparing myself that it is gone, and some great awesum surprises it gave with bringing out lime green colored fresh greens!
Gulmohar  Flame of the Forest Tree in Container
Mama Pigeon sitting on her eggs

Pigeon eggs in our garden
 Some new life in our garden, so as the pigeons were about to search for home, frequently visiting our home which I did  not allow finally they took home in one of the containers and had two eggs that were hidden from the crows due to thick foliage. From the shocking large sized caterpillar symbolizing warning and change now come pigeons laying eggs!
Pigeons are amazing persistent beings, they symbolize homecoming new happiness and good luck.
Pigeon eggs in our terrace garden
 They just find an great place where they see the supply of regular food and water and lay eggs, no wonder we see pigeons everywhere around the globe, they adjust and adapt and thus a pigeon making home in your premises is great heaven luck, some fruition of ideas and new business. Pigeons laying eggs also symbolize beginning of new family or new ventures. So I searched awesum Google!
Pigeons lay two eggs , for a period of  twenty one days the babies come out. If the babies are not healthy the pigeons themselves destroy the eggs.
Heavenly fragrant white mogra flowers
 Meanwhile the garden has sprung into new life with heavenly fragrances of roses and mogra blooms, especially the evenings with cool breeze and whiff of natural fragrances are great!
Mogra flowers season

Big sized rose blooms
 Orchids are beautiful unique flowers, exotic are costliest plants and flowers used in flower decorations. With more than three thousand varieties of orchid plants we see a lot of unique and different types of colorful and unique shape and shaded flowering orchids.
I found that we see more then 30,000 varieties of different types of orchid flowers,each one special , attractive and beautiful.
Orchids growing tips 
I love these unique blooms! Though we have added lots of different types of orchids hardly many have gone for a longer period. I really did not understand the habits and tantrums of Orchids!
 Watering more the stems and roots would rot and watering less the roots look dried and still the plants die.
Then the adventurous wild trekking trips, orchids that my husband plucked for me in the wild forests growing on huge trees, gave us flowers once and died. It may be as some say the the orchid plant dies off after giving out blooms.
The main reason for orchid plants dying off are watering and air. Never pot an orchid in full sunlight as they love to grow with dangling roots in the air attached to bigger tree trunks. Over watering is one of the   main causes of orchid plant deaths. Then growing in crammed spaces is also not advisable as the hanging roots need to spread and need space and free air to grow otherwise the roots when left wet for longer periods start rotting and become mushy and thus the orchid plant dies.
This time they are in roots and sand of beaches, still clinging out with dangling roots. I think they grow best on barks of huge trees.
Do share your expertise and experiences on growing orchids, it may help many of  us!Still continuing the search for growing orchids!and buying new ones!
Home made feed for plants in containers
 The Best home made fertilizer is adding mulch. After the winter needs its time for your plants to get some feeds so that they give out lovely blooms for the summer.
Home made tips for Fertilizer Feed for plants
After cow-dung this is the best I have seen in home made fertilizers. Instead of throwing old calendars and books and some news paper, all can make an awesum tasty dish for your plants!
Wet news paper mulch is great. Burn old papers and add this ash to plants, they love this. Just see that this does not clog the soil. Digging ,and Turning the soil helps this mulch to get absorbed.

Coming for a cool dip and drink bird baths
 Before signing off, its summer, please keep water in your window or any space you can for birds, its really very hot and many birds die , we see them keeping their mouth open and tightening their wings due to extreme heat. keep some water so they can drink and have a dip, and invite some awesum heaven luck into your life!
Keep in heavy container of stone, this keeps the water cool. and birds  also do not drop the container. we have added some extra ones this time.
I have been painting and working on my website, and my new  ebook has come up Magical curtains attract prosperity feng shui tips for curtains on Kindle amazon, so if you don't find me here you can connect with me on face book , our group Garden Care Simplified!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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