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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Raymond Flower Show January 14 2018 A Treat to Mumbai Thane Flower Lovers!

The Raymond show , a fantastical, fantasy created on ground! flowers and more flowers and flowers! fragrances at its best!
Thaneites welcomed the new year with a treat from Raymond! at the Raymond ground , Vartak Nagar, Thane.
From flowers, to fruit decorations to sculptures, people takings selfies with the flowers and plants.
Life has been a trial since past few days, as my mom slipped and fractured her leg, this was the first time I stayed with her , in my life after marriage of so many years, for fifteen days as she was operated. Flowers and the show came up with a breath of fresh air, grounding and Mother Gaia blessings.A friend has shared these clicks.
Raymond flower show
 Flower exhibitions and shows are so full of fantasy, and they take you away from the technology(of course people are obsessed with selfies!) you just want to capture and click every bloom and every tiny leaf! a world of flowers , you realize nature is so vast in its blessings, this is just a very small part, that which looks huge to us!so many varieties, so beautiful displays, creative juices flowing and the gardeners in you wanting to grab at every single plant!
I used to be so obsessed with plants, trying to redirect my passions and control , due to lack of space and of course family gets upset as I have more plant and  bird friends than humans!
But, Yes, of course plants are the best of friends, you can talk tot hem , your love is expressed by your care and they do give back this love manifolds, so for all those who visit my garden ,, keep wondering how it is full of blooms and green, yes, I say , there are nature spirits that take care of it! well, over the years I have planted those that can do away with daily watering in winters and the blooms they give out in wonders are so breathtakingly beautiful, I especially love the Pink star cluster, Adenium, peace Lily (white) Kaner and Hibiscus, as the grey winter season breaks into Awesum energy with contrasting flourescent pinks and Vibrant vermilion red!
creative display Raymond flower show

Sculptures Raymond flower show

at the Raymond Flower show

So many Cactus plants! 

model display Raymond flower show Thane


A riot of colours! Raymond Flower show

Fragrant blooms display 

Majestic Shivaji Sculpture Flower display
Shivaji Flower decorations
It is such a breath of fresh air in this life filled with pollution! I wish there were more of such exhibitions and flower displays!
For those who missed this do visit Piramal Vaikunth another Awesum show inspired by the Chelsea flower show!this one began last weekend , 20th January-21 Jan, and is on for January 26 to 28, 2018.
All the Best from Rizwana!
Vaikunth flower show 2015
Vaikunth Flower Show 2016
Beautiful rose Gardens Hill station Ooty 
Flower Exhibition and Flower Show 2015 Allepy Kerala
Kerala Fair 2014 Flower Plant Display

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