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Monday, January 8, 2018

DIY Your Own Christmas Tree with any Tree! What a Gift from nature! My Golden Tree!

My Golden Tree
What a gift from God, love you nature!the tree has been with us since past seventeen years. the inspiration came form here , to be an artist,, that the Flame of the forest tree, Gulmohar tree was cut down...sad part...due to its huge root system and as it would affect the safety of the building surrounding it.
What a connection it made to my soul that I collected so many beautiful natural wood forms, stems, branches, of this tree and painted them.into beautiful ornamental trees . No, I did not sell any on these, most were displayed in my house and some on my terrace garden, so while many have gone this one, precious tree has been with us as an important part of our living room decor. She is family! the inspiration and my art, making healing art,  is some how linked to this tree,Mother Gaia blessings!!!
it is very easy to make and keep your Christmas trees all year long! collect natural forms of branches, and paint them!The ritual goes  on since  many years,  i paint it myself and decorate it with artificial leaves and fruits.Last year I had also added gemstones,and bravo! so many gemstones have entered my life since then!It is my Goodluck tree!we call her family! How to paint your own Christmas Trees
How to recycle wood and make amazing show pieces
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