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Gigantic Dahlia Flowers on Plant, Care and Tips for Dahlias

Dahlia flowers, colorful and thousands of variety are every flower lovers dream flower. With small bunches growing in clusters to gigantic single blooms we all love dahlia flowers. They are an important addition to flower decorations in home and add value to the room instantly by their showy and colorful appearance. Red, yellow, white, orange, pink, magenta to maroon and thousands of hybrid shaded variety , dahlias rule the flower world after rose due to their different vibrant colorful blooms!
Grown from tubers they can be started with sowing seeds after winter ends, and these seeds sprout into tubers underground which later grows into plants. Just like we store bulbs of lillies and gladiolus we also take care to remove the flowered tuber and store then as winter begins. The plants sown from seeds are healthy and best as compared to used tubers. Dahlias add instant color to your garden landscape and they can be grown as centers or corners or borders in your garden. The dahlia flower…

Best Time to Buy New Plants Colorful Flowers Petunias Growing and Flowering Tips

Best time to buy new plants, the most sought after question by plant lovers and new entrants in gardening, when is the best time to buy and plant new plants? As was earlier said over the years people used to buy new plants in rainy season and believed the climate would make almost anything grow.

With researching on best time to buy and growing plants and practical experience I have found spring the best time, the months after winter ends, and new shoots begin to appear from dried plant stubs, a best feeling with new growths from bulbs and rhizomes tubers, and as they grow the time is just right for them to give beautiful colorful flowers by May. During rains I have experienced that plants, new ones when planted, do not get time to settle down and as  the beginning of rainy season is also a good time as the climate is on cooler side and the plant gets time to grow, but during heavy down pours new plants get over watered, drowned in the new containers and most of the times the heavy rai…

Poinsettia/ Euphorbia pulcherrima Flowering Plants Tips and Care And Poinsettia Symbolism

Botanical name Euphorbia pulcherrima , also known by other names, "Christmas flower", "lobster flower" and "mexican flame leaf" ,  poinsettias grow in many colors. Peach, red, white, yellowish off white, golden cream, and as we notice the bright color display during winter months, the poinsetta plants require indirect or morning sunlight and needs protection from direct sunlight to keep the blooms longer.  .
Growing poinsettias in containers , especially in cold countries people bring them to bloom during festival season of Christmas. Poinsettia flowers in red are an important part in every christmas decorations. The most beautiful showy color is red and here in India we get a small plant of poinsetta beginning from price of 250 Rs. to the larger plants pricing from Rs 500 to 1,000. Cream and off white or a lemony yellow is another beautiful color and the peach one also has a good display.
The Poinsetta plants need hardy soil to bear the weight of the p…

Step by Step How to Grow Bonsai Plants at Home

Gardening ceases to surprise me, give something new each day, every moment, ,  the popping of seeds from the pod, a very wonderful experience this morning with pea pods, the dried pods burst in my hands popping black seeds around!a warmth on my palms and the sound of popping breaking the silence , great feeling, nature's way to multiply its resources.The blue bell climber pods, having lovely bell shaped blue flowers.
Bonsai plants is a term that has become know from a special way of growing plants in small trays or containers. Aged plants and big trees of fruits also can be grown using this technique in small containers, and they look great with the size of big fruits growing on small sized trees. Miniature trees growing in small containers.
Bonsai actually means Bon , tray and Sai to grow, it is a technique to grow big trees in small containers or trays. A specialized science of growing many gardeners attend special classes for learning Bonsai techniques. Associated with Chinese …