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Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow in my Garden The White Leaves plant Happy 2014 to All Our Readers

White leaf snow tree
This new Year was like snowing in my garden. The white leaf tree had plenty of white tiny flowers, full of white blooms made it appear like snowing on the plant. The whole tree was laden with white flowers. Tiny, unique, beautiful in clusters.
cornus Drumondii Roughleaf Dogwood, as I think it has been stated. The beautiful white flowers are sure attractors for birds and bees. lovely butterflies  been recently visiting our garden along with colorful sweet singing birds this season.
Trekking and hiking refreshed! Karnala Bird Sanctuary.
Peacock Dancing happily

Green colorful Kingfisher birds  in  garden

buds on white tiny flowers tree

christmas decorations tree

close up of leaves of white leaf tree
 caring for this beautiful plant-water regularly and do not skip during flowering season, plant leaf droops with  a single skip of watering also.
Try to keep the shape controlled by pruning  branches to give it a bushy appearance.  In winter The leaf when goes from dark greyish green to light yellow and drop and then clusters of flower buds are seen.
Avoid keeping this plant near strong winds or breezes. Needs regular partial sunlight at least a part  of the day for flowering.
close up of leaves of white leaf tree
Wishing all our readers and all those who  share here a Happy Great 2014! keep sharing your experiences, unique plants, rare flowers, or any new growths in your pots,  at
Thank you.
Take Care and God Bless!
All the Best!
Happy New Year 2014 from Garden care Simplified


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