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Beautiful Flowers from our Reader of Garden Care Simplified Dr Vivek's Bedroom Window Garden

Lovely flowering plants and what a beautiful window garden, Thank you Dr Vivek for this share!and loads of thanks for the names, my plants have their own pet names, I am very poor at botanical scientific names!

All the Best from Rizwana!

Sunset Orange Ixora and Fire Cracker Aboli Plant Photographs by our Reader Dr.Vivek N Thank You

Sunset Orange  Ixora and Fire Cracker Aboli Plant Photographs by our Reader Dr.Vivek N Thank You, Dr Vivek N, for this beautiful share for my readers of Garden Care Simplified.
While these two lovely plants have orange colors I am sure Dr Vivek loves this color. Looking lovely with the beautiful shade of feathery orange this plant has a heavenly look with its rare colored bunches of tiny flowers.
Aboli plants have beautiful orange colored blooms and the best part is ,as it is called ' fire cracker' the seeds burst, a great experience, for all those who have witnessed, it is a wonderful feeling, same as Adenium, I had this in my hand when the pods had burst, feel so connected with nature.
Proper well draining soil, and regular watering is required to maintain the aboli plants and also most of the times the seeds fallen aside in the containers begin new plants on their own. The plant also has religious symbolic value and is grown with a lot of respect. Saw these lovely blooms…

Blooming of the Brahma Kamal Plant in our blessed readers Home, All the Best from Rizwana

While a plant lover and avid reader of the blog Garden Care Simplified, Deep Prakash had shared a few weeks back the new bud picture of the heavenly plant, Brahma Kamal bud. And what a great share, this large new beautiful majestic bloom, considering them to be very lucky to have had  this magical experience, All the Best from Rizwana, Have a Great life Ahead Deep! and thank you very very much for sharing this happiness here with our readers and me, as for me still the wait experience  this beautiful heavenly magical  flower!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

Allamanda Blanchetti Mauve colored Bell trumpet shaped large sized flowering plant

Mauve magenta, Purple , maroon shaded colored beautiful bell shaped large sized flowers, Allamanda Blanchetti, lovely colorful flowering plant climber or shrub. The newest addition to our family of terrace garden plants, what I loved was the huge sized blooms that are prominent on the green leaves of the plant. Small plants of star clusters in white, magenta and dark pink , raani color, also looked so attractive in the rains that the temptation was too strong to stop me from buying them as we have a large sized pink star cluster plant that is very happy with the garden sunlight and environment. Not to mention the great fresh feeling with the rain drenched plants and the lovely blooms coming up with proud new stems, all greens and colors, the garden sure looks very inviting in the rains. In the corner hidden the exotic anthuriums also have given out pink and white blooms and also roses, as well as the day lillies and pink poppies are growing like wild! The lanky stems of the Allamand…

Cantaloupe Musk Melon Plant Fruit Seeds Benefits The New Brahma Kamal Bud Photo Shared by Our Reader of Garden Care Simplified Deep Prakash

All the Best from Rizwana, May You Be Blessed with Happiness and Good Luck Deep Prakash, thanks for sharing this happiness with me and my passionate readers of Garden Care Simplified, really feeling blessed!
 They are just growing and growing, do not know when the finally give out some great news!
 Meanwhile some new plant experiments, musk melon seeds that have sprouted into a beautifully creeper throwing off beautiful slender tendrils and lovely cheerful yellow Flowers. Soon after the flowers surprisingly tiny balls of fruits have come up. The many small ones have dropped and only few remain. As it is muck melon plant growers advised to keep the fruits to less numbers to have healthy growth and large sized fruits.
Musk melon creeper needs to spread on ground to avoid fruits dropping by their own weight and also needs to be protected from black spots and ants. The bugs do love to gorge on the leaves and make the creeper barren. I have never really grown or seen this plant and this …