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Monday, July 27, 2015

Is it Ok to plant Aloe Vera in Garden in Feng Shui Which places to avoid growing Aloe vera in garden

Aloe vera plants have been thrown away from so many homes, and just feeling so sad for these fleshy succulents that do not require much care but yes they do have spiky thorny edges.
Is it Ok to plant Aloe Vera in Garden in Feng Shui?
In feng shui we always encourage to plant lovely colorful blooming plants or ornamental plants with showy leaves. I do agree that they produce shar energy, poison arrows and I too have experienced this when you move past this, a scratch or skin abrasion, always. But this beautiful Aloe vera plant has so many benefits and itself is unique. It also gives immensely beautiful blooms, a stalk, like other succulents and if is happy grows just without any care. Feng shui for plants has certain principles where we avoid sharp edges, thorny plants and this one does have sharp edges.
What is never mentioned anywhere is that all succulents , fleshy plants are immense good luck. They have stored energy , water, and can survive in harsh conditions without light and water. Aloe vera plant is also a great one, each and every part of the plant has so many benefits from health point of view, though I would never advise to use it in raw form, but people do use this for skin facial glow, healing skin pimples, stomach problems and healthy hair.
Aloe Vera Plant

Thorns on edges of Aloe Vera Plant close up
So we can find a way to keep this friend along with us , just taking care in selecting the right place and keeping it there to grow.
1) Keep the Aloe vera plant in low traffic areas. where it will not brush along the skin of people while walking past.
2) Do not allow pets and children to play near this , so avoid such places in your garden.
3) It does not require much sunlight so Aloes can grow in corners also.
4) It can be surrounded by garden ornaments or stones thus making the circumferences surrounding it protective.
5) See that the ends do not point towards us, usually it grows in circular fashion and not tall, so it must not face/ touch our eyes , keep it either at very low level or higher level..
Which places to avoid growing Aloe vera in garden as with feng shui-
1) Since the plant is spiky and thorny it is best to grow it outdoors and not in home.
2) Avoid Aloe Vera plants strongly on this place, south west as this is the relationship corner in your life and will affect very badly all relationships.
3) It is good for north and not so good for south in your garden.

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