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Monday, September 7, 2015

Thailand Good Luck Plant Euphorbia Milli Symbolism

Thailand Good Luck plant, Euphorbia Milli, this is one of the rare exotic cactuses that are seen every where with lovely peach colored blooms. Very easy to grow and hardly require care and it is believed that the growing and flowering of these cactus plants in a home or any space attracts good luck. In Thailand the name is “Poysean” Chinese words combined meaning “8 Saints”. The tradition goes that Eight saints sacrificed their wealth , selfish spirit, intellectual pride, in their lives to promote righteousness and happiness harmony. By honouring these sacrifices the people of Thailand consider this an auspicious plant and if it grows well and blooms in your home, you are lucky!
Planting one of these Euphorbias, The eight blessings coming your way are
1) Health
2) Bravery
3) Wealth
5) Artistry
6) Cleverness
7) Poetry
9) Victory of good over Evil and bad spirits.
The thorns are very thick and one must take extra care to keep it away from traffic areas and from eye level, as the thorns may brush up against the body. Mushy stems give out lovely green oval leaves and awesum  coloured blooms. I have seen these plants giving out  flowers in different colors and also depending upon the amount of  sunlight the shades in flowers varies. From peach, to reddish pink to yellowish white and reddish orange the flowers are pretty and go well in any landscape design surrounded by other plants.

This is also a very good symbol for protection from evil eye and it thus  protects the home inmates from negative energy entering their space. Thorns in feng shui are a good way to protect from evil forces and evil eyes and also wild animals.
Take care while handling , planting or trimming the plants, wear extra thick clothes and hand gloves that c over larger part of your hands .Protect eyes by wearing spectacles and then handle the plant. I have planted these beauties among the lush green palms and bamboos so they love the partial shade and give out amazing blooms!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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